40 LOVE: Fan Favorite Canadian Moments

Over the last week we asked you to write in with your best memories of Seles' comeback, Krasnoroutskaya's big upset, Canada's golden era and the Canadian-born Pierce. Here's a taste...

Published August 11, 2013 12:00

40 LOVE: Fan Favorite Canadian Moments
Stéphanie Dubois

Over the last week we asked you to write in to us about your best memories of Seles' comeback, Krasnoroutskaya's big upset, Canada's golden era and the Canadian-born Pierce. Here's a taste...

On Seles' comeback...
Oh yes, I reaaaaaaally watched it and I was so glad that she came back! Even though I'm from Germany I always rooted for Seles and to see her finally back was very emotional. I remember seeing her father crying in the box - it looked like his dream for more than two years finally came true and that was nothing but overwhelming. In the final against Coetzer (who didn´t play bad!) she played maybe the best tennis she did in the second part of her career. As all people think I guess she would have dominated the tour in the '90s and Graf would have won less Slams, Seles more Slams.
- Jörg

I was there for every one of Monica's matches! In her match against Tauziat, I remember screaming "Common Monica!!" so loud that the whole stadium laughed... but I couldn't contain myself, I was just so happy to see Monica back, and not only BACK, but playing amazing!!! I'm so glad she chose Toronto as her place to return. It was an amazing tournament for her and I was glad to be a part of it! We love Seles! Ah-eeee!!!!
- Mark, Toronto

This brings back so many memories and emotions. I was the Chair Umpire for Monica's comeback match (also her second round match and singles final that same week). To hear the warmth from the crowd as she walked down onto the Stadium Court that night evokes some of the most spine tingling memories in my officiating career. Monica's comeback match and subsequent winning the Canadian Open that week for me was one of the highlights of my career and a privilege to witness. She is a true champion.
- Donna

On Canadian players...
Stéphanie Dubois is a feisty competitor that fuels on the crowd's energy. She therefore has created over the years a mutual agreement with Montrealers: the more they cheer, the more she fights, the more they chant, the more she wins. After reaching the third round in 2006 due to a Kim Clijsters retirement, Steph brought the crowd to its feet by repeating the feat two years later. While the match wasn't memorable, her first round against Govortsova was played in a bizarre environment: after waiting for hours to start the match due to a rain delay, the players came out of the locker room well over 10pm, acclaimed by a very small but raucous crowd, excited to finally see some action. At one point, the stadium fire alarm started ringing for what seemed like forever: while the players were seated waiting for it to stop, a smart supporter yelled 'Steph is on fireeeeeeeee!', leading to an overall laughter. Dubois kept the fire going in her second round against Maria Kirilenko, arguably her best win ever, a match which had superb shot making, long rallies and will stay in the books as one of the most inspired Canadian performances in Montréal.
- Charles, Canada

My best Canadian memory is definitely when Rebecca Marino won her second round match at the French Open against Martínez Sánchez, a well-known clay court player, in 2011. I remember that was by far the best surface for the power game style of Marino. Great match, great moment.
- Frédéric

On Pierce...
I saw Mary Pierce playing at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart 2006. It was her second round match against Jelena Jankovic, then thought to be the next superstar. Pierce lost in two sets, but it was a display of excellent tennis on both sides, especially in the first set, which saw no breaks of serve and went to the tie-breaker. The hall was enthusiastic. I am glad I had this opportunity.
- Albrecht

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