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American Bethanie Mattek-Sands brings us her very first Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Blog from Cincinnati.

Published August 13, 2009 12:00

CINCINNATI, OH, USA - Cincinnati has been one of Bethanie Mattek-Sands' best venues, reaching her first Sony Ericsson WTA Tour singles semifinal here in 2005 and winning the doubles in 2007. This week the American blogs for us for the very first time from the $2-million tournament.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Unfortunately, Nadia and I lost to the world's No.1 doubles team tonight, but we played a really good match. Not a lot of girls can stay with Cara and Liezel at the net but we can, and it really went the distance, 13-11 in the match tie-break. Even though we lost today, it gives us a lot of confidence going into our next tournaments and ultimately the US Open.

It was a good day today! We woke up pretty late again. We went to the mall for a bit then had lunch at Maggiano's, then had a good warm-up. I went to my headband stand again and picked one out for today's match, then played.

It'll probably be room service tonight, because I've got to pack and get ready to leave for Toronto tomorrow! Life on the road is quite quick. It's all in your bags, then it's off to the next airport. I've never actually played in Toronto. I've been to Montréal before. I'm excited - we have a couple of friends there and we'll be staying in the city, so I'm sure there will be lots to do.

Thank you all for reading this week. It's been great. I'm sure I'll be doing it again very soon :) It's cool to give you all the inside scoop of what we do from day to day, even on days off. You can keep up with me on my official website, www.bmattek.com, although I haven't updated it in a while :( I'll be getting to that very soon! I've been procrastinating!

Until next time, take care :)


 Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My husband's mom loves to shop. She cuts things out of magazines and sends them to me, things she thinks I'd love to wear. So today I bought all of this new stuff at this store, it's sort of like Sephora, where you go in wanting one thing and come out buying 20 things. I got some shimmery powder for my shoulders for when I go out. Sveta saw me yesterday with it on and asked me if I was going out, and if my husband even lets me. It was pretty funny.

My sock sponsor, Drymax, sells tube socks, but they knew I liked knee-highs because I wore them at Wimbledon a few years ago. So they made some of their socks in that style for me, and I wore them in our doubles match tonight. I've put a picture up from after the match... they're really cool.

Our opponents were really good tonight but Nadia and I did well. When we play aggressively and cut across to poach, that's when we're playing our best. So we won in straight sets tonight and we're into the quarters. We had another unique warm-up today - Nadia and I spent time matching headbands to our outfits.

Justin and I didn't end up watching a movie last night. Since I've been on the road again I've been watching a lot of Two And A Half Men, and that's what I did last night, for about an hour and a half. It's hilarious. Charlie Sheen is so good in it, he's so sarcastic. He's the ultimate in sarcasm. I slept until noon today. As soon as you close the curtains in our hotel room, it's pitch black. Maybe tonight we'll crack it open just a bit... but since I'm not playing until the night match again tomorrow, maybe not! We went to a Mongolian restaurant for lunch today where you pick your meat and go to the grill, and they cook it for you and add the spices you want. It's really good. We might go again very soon...

I'm determined to rent a movie tonight. I need an action movie, so I'm going to find that new Ben Affleck one - I don't remember what it's called, but after we go out to eat, that's definitely going to happen.

Talk to you all again tomorrow :)


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So today Tathiana Garbin, Alla Kudryavtseva and I went to the amusement park and it was intense... I like coasters, but I get motion sickness in CARS. We went on the roller coaster but then they told us to go on it once more to get a different angle, and I just couldn't... they went again though, but when they got off it started raining and everything shut down. It was a cool visit though!

That wasn't the first thing I did today. We started our day pretty late though, because my husband is still on Arizona/California time, and we slept in until 11 or so. I wanted to have the day off from practice but we went to Urban Fitness to work out. They have this cinema cardio there, where you work out in front of a big screen showing movies... I didn't do it but it's such a great idea. We worked out for a few hours; I just did the stuff my trainer tells me to do. Then I went to Kings Island, then ate at the Polo Grill across from the hotel - I've been there once already this trip and it was really good, so I had to go again :)

We just got back from dinner. Nadia and I are playing the night match tomorrow, so I can stay up a little late tonight. What are we in the mood for... I think we'll rent a movie. Since coming here I've watched Fast And The Furious, also Night At The Museum 2... I'm more of an action/drama person. I don't like horror movies. I get nightmares from horror. Actually I have some good stories...

There's a scene from Psycho where someone is killed through a shower curtain. For years I took showers with the curtain and door open. This was when I was younger. The movie Scream gave me nightmares too, and it was bad whenever I'd be at a friend's house with a pool and patio... Then there was The Ring. I told myself not to wimp out and I saw it. My friend and I were in the theater, both crouched in our seats. We were the only people in the whole theater. At one point during the movie I looked back and about seven rows behind us there were two guys sitting there with Scream masks on. SCREAM MASKS. I hated it! If there was ever a prank to pull on me... I crouched back into my seat. I told my friend to look back and when she eventually did, they were gone. I will never watch another horror movie. No peer pressure could make me!

I actually have a bit of sad news... I have a horse, my husband got her for me, but two nights ago we learned she had died. She was actually attacked by a mountain lion! We kept her at a ranch a few miles away from our home, out in the sticks. Her name was Katie. The last time I rode her she totally took off on me. I'm not very experienced at riding, so I probably wasn't doing it right, but we were kind of near some cliffs so I got a bit nervous! Justin (my husband) was on his horse a little way back. My horse wiped out while I was still on her and she had scratches on her face, but she just got up and I was still on her. She was something else. I cried when I found out. I had good memories. It was brutal. It was probably tough for the kid who found her dead, because there's a family at this ranch that takes care of the horses and rides them too. I would probably have been devastated if I had found her.

Anyway, on a lighter note... the Waffle House was great last night. Actually two other players, two Polish girls, came in too, which was nice! I got seven eggs and 10 pieces of extra crispy bacon... you know the kind that is so crispy and it just dissolves... I had a stomach ache afterwards, yes, but it was worth it!

I'll talk to you all again tomorrow night... enjoy the pic!



Monday, August 10, 2009

Hey everyone!

I got into Cincinnati last Thursday from California. It's kinda tough with the time difference, but what else is new? I've gotten used to it! I love Cincy. It's a cool tournament. I was unable to play it last year because I was injured - I had to withdraw at the last minute - but I've done well here before and I'm very happy to be back again. I'm originally from the midwest, so I feel like I'm at home. There aren't any Sony Ericsson WTA Tour events in Minnesota or Wisconsin so I guess it's the closest thing to playing at home for me :)

The stay has been good so far. The days have been going by quickly. We went to the Kenwood Mall yesterday and had a lot of fun. What girl doesn't like shopping? We hung out there a little bit, relaxed... it was nice.

Nadia and I had our first match of the week today, but it rained during the day and our match got pushed back. There were still matches ahead of us so we took a drive. We went to Starbucks then to Whole Foods for skin products, and then the White House Black Market... then we got a call saying it wasn't raining anymore and we needed to get back. So, that was basically our warm-up :P

The match was close! Both of the players on the other team were very good. And I've actually played doubles with Iveta before, we won a tournament together. Nadia and I were up a set and 5-3 and had chances to close it out on my serve, but we couldn't take advantage. We came out pumped for the tie-break and finished it there, though, so we were pretty happy.

I think Kim returning is great. I was playing while she was, so I couldn't see any of her match, but I heard the crowd from our court. She's such a well-liked player on the Tour - I know a lot of the girls like her a lot. I don't know her that well myself. But this just shows some of the girls can have a normal life if they want, and come back when they choose to. I think we might see that more.

I'm not playing tomorrow but I'm really excited I'm going to Kings Island, the amusement park nearby. Apparently they have the longest and fastest ride in the world... I like roller coasters. I can only handle one per hour, though. I'm not one of those people who will run from ride to ride. I need a breather! I'd be throwing up everywhere, it wouldn't be pretty!

I think we'll go to the Waffle House now... I assume everything else is closed at this time. A few years ago I was playing lots of night matches here and we went to the Waffle House every night, it became a tradition! It's right across the street from us. I'm excited for my 10 strips of bacon and sausage. It's still protein! It's so humid here, I can probably get away with a few extra calories :)

I'll talk to you all again tomorrow. Take care!


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