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Published February 19, 2010 12:00

MEMPHIS, TN, USA - You could feel it over the last few weeks: she's catching fire again. Melanie Oudin had a perfect performance in Fed Cup then made her first Sony Ericsson WTA Tour semifinal in Paris, and now she tries to keep that momentum going at the Cellular South Cup. Come along for the ride!

Melanie Oudin

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hey guys,

I'm a little disappointed about my doubles today. I felt a little tired out there on the court. But I want to give credit to Bethanie and Meghann - they played a great match. I'm gonna head home tomorrow. I'm still fighting this cold I got in Paris and I need to rest and recover with the hope I can make it to Monterrey.

Thanks for reading this week, if you guys get a chance check out my website at www.melanieoudin.com.

Talk to you all again soon!


Melanie Oudin

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hi again everyone,

My singles match was a little bit rough today - I lost 1 and 3. Sofia played a really good match. I can see how she won this tournament before. She's a really good player. I tried everything I could but I wasn't playing my best tennis today. She played well, so that's how I ended up losing. I've been playing a lot of matches lately but that's not an excuse for me - I actually play better when I play a lot, I like playing a lot. I just have to keep working hard now.

One good thing today is I ended up doing well in the doubles - Shenay and I won pretty easily and are in the semifinals now, so that'll be good. Shenay's great. I really like her. We get along really well. I've known her for a while - we were in Fed Cup together... We've played doubles together before and have actually had some good wins. We're pretty opposite and our games are really the complete opposite, but we get along really well. It's funny.

I'm gonna go out to dinner tonight, to Houston's - I love that place here! Then I'm just gonna relax. I don't play until late tomorrow, so I can sleep in again too...

Now for some of your questions... thank you for sending them in!


Who is your favorite men's player? Nguyet
Roger Federer. I've just always liked his game. The way he plays, his attitude on the court... not just because he's the best, but how he carries himself.

What are your upcoming tournaments? Penny
Acapulco, Monterrey, then Indian Wells and Miami. So, a bunch of them!

Are you superstitious? Liezel Huber
Yes, I am! I eat raisins on the court whenever I play. I also always do the same thing at every changeover, drinking water and Gatorade... I always do the same thing before a match too... but they're more like rituals, not superstitions. Liezel knows about my raisins. This is so funny that she wrote in. She just did a blog not long ago, and at Fed Cup we all had to do one... I hear players rarely write in to blogs, but of course Liezel had to! I'm going to text her.

Melanie Oudin

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello again everyone!

I've just come from winning my second round against Lilia Osterloh. I didn't have much time to recover from my first match, but my recovery was good. I got to sleep in this morning and I felt good out there today. I played a very solid match all the way through again. It's gonna be three matches in 24 hours after coming back from Paris now! It'll be tough but I'm getting used to playing a lot of matches. I feel in pretty good shape. When I play a lot is when I do my best.

I had some amazing crowd support again today. It's a little bit weird because I'm playing against other Americans, but it's really nice that a lot of people came out today and were cheering for me. Thanks to all of you!

One thing I have to say... it's very exciting to see Justine back. Getting to see her play at the Australian Open... I watched her match against Dementieva, the whole match, and it was incredible. She's such a good athlete, she's so quick, there are so many things I can still learn from her game. I'm looking forward to watching her more... and maybe even one day playing her!

I'm just gonna rest up a bit today. There are two more matches then my doubles match later. Oh, I also recorded some fan questions on video for the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour website - so watch out for that soon!

Talk to you all again tomorrow!


Melanie Oudin

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hi everyone!

I really like Memphis a lot. I've played here since I was 14, starting with the U18 National Clay Courts. I think I have a lot of fans here - I saw some tonight when I played my first match. Even a few ladies told me they came through snow and sleet to see me from Mississippi... it's very exciting knowing I have support!

My trip from France was pretty good. The airplane was a bit rough for me because I was getting over a cold, but I'm learning how to deal with all of the travelling and real life on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour... it's different for me but I'm looking forward to it. I got a lot of confidence in France, too. I won five matches there, more than I've won in a while, so I feel like my game is getting better and better. I'm playing some good tennis and hope to do well here.

Today is just the first day of the blog so there's more to come! Keep reading every day - I'll keep writing and letting you know what's going on in Memphis!


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