Sam's Miami Blog: Wednesday

What did Sam do today? What does she think of Precious? Why does she wear the shades? All that and more in today's blog!

Published March 24, 2010 12:00

MIAMI, FL, USA - Sam Stosur had a phenomenal fortnight in Indian Wells and now, in her first tournament as a Top 10 singles player, she writes the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Blog for us. Come along for the ride!

Samantha Stosur

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hi everyone! Today started out very slow. The west to east time change is one of the hardest to get over quickly. I will very rarely sleep in a long time so when my alarm eventually woke me up at 10am I really needed to get up. As much as I didn't want to it was definitely time to get the day started.

I went for a walk down the street to a nice French bakery. It was really nice and had good coffee. Good coffee isn't always easy to find so when I do I usually stick with it. No doubt I'll be back there again tomorrow morning. I was going to bring my Nespresso machine from home but forgot it, which was a bit of a mistake. Was too concerned with getting all my washing done I think!

Today I practiced twice, two one-hour sessions with my coach, and finished the day off with a quick massage.

I'll answer a few more of all your questions again now. Here goes...

What was the last movie you saw and what did you think of it? Alex
The last movie I watched was last week and it was Precious. It was quite a moving movie and quite in your face but I thought it was really good. Can totally see why Monique won the Oscar.

You are one of the few players who wears sunglasses on the court. Do they help you? Julia
Yes I definitely think they help me. I started wearing my Oakleys quite a few years ago now and couldn't imagine trying to play in the sun without them. They really help with the glare off the court. I don't like to wear dark lenses when I play so sometimes serving into the sun is still tough but nowhere near as bad. They also offer great protection for your eyes so I'm sure when I'm older my eyes will be in much better condition than if I didn't wear them.

Do you speak any foreign languages? Simi
I wish I could speak another language but unfortunately I can't. In primary school I learnt Japanese for two or three years but when I got to high school didn't do it anymore. I'd love to be able to speak Spanish or Italian though.

What is your next goal, now that you've cracked the Top 10? Edy
My next goal is another singles title. I'd love to add to the one I won in Osaka.

What does your off-court training program consist of? Lynette
I like to do lots of different things for my cross training. It's a lot easier to do different things when you're at home training then on the road. During the pre-season I did a fair bit of swimming. I'm not the best swimmer but it's a challenge and I quite enjoy it, especially when I can do it at the beach or when in Sydney in rock pools at the beach. They are awesome! I also do speed and sprint work, endurance training on a bike or sometimes running. Strength with weights (but not as much as you all might think) ;) I like to do as much as I can outside at the beach or at a park so I try to make the most of that in the pre-season as when I'm on the road that's not always possible.

What is your favourite tournament? Brian
It would have to be the Aussie Open. I don't think there could be a more fun place to be when you're Australian. The crowds really get into it and make for a great atmosphere at the matches. I don't think you'll find too many tournaments that people love to go to and sometimes don't even watch any tennis!

Nadia and I play doubles tomorrow late in the afternoon. I'm going to have a practice session at 9am then head back to hotel for a few hours and then go back to the courts. Hope to see some of you there at the tennis tomorrow!

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