Sam's Miami Blog: Thursday

Australia's Sam Stosur catches us up on everything, including her thoughts on Adelaide, Tampa, facebook, twitter, babies... read on!

Published April 01, 2010 12:00

MIAMI, FL, USA - Sam Stosur had a phenomenal fortnight in Indian Wells and now, in her first tournament as a Top 10 singles player, she writes the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Blog for us. Come along for the ride!

Samantha Stosur

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hey everyone,

Sorry for not writing again last night but it was a late one and I figured I had all day today. Unfortunately for me I lost my singles match last night against Kim. I thought it was a high standard and quality match and was fun to play out there. We went for it during some rallies and I wouldn't have liked to be any of the balls getting hit. I'm still in the doubles here but we dont play today so I'm going to take the day off.

Any ideas what to do on a day off in Miami? It's 10am now and I haven't had breakfast or coffee yet so that will be the first thing to get done. Thinking I'm going to go to the pool and have a nice relaxing day. My coach's girlfriend arrived two nights ago with their little baby girl Emma. She is adorable so I want to play with her today too ;) You can just stare at newborns all the time and watch their expressions, they can change so quickly from happy to sad, crying, laughing... you name it they can do it all within 10 seconds! She started crying on the way to the courts yesterday so Dave started singing, what a great voice you have Dave!! But it did work, she was asleep in about a minute and wasn't even awake for her picture to be taken for her badge haha. She was in the crowd last night and slept the whole time and didn't make a sound. Just woke up a bit startled a few times when the crowd started clapping.

Is there something in the water in Adelaide that assists in the development of champion tennis players? Jason, Australia
Ha, no, I don't think so, but they do have a very good track record. I started playing there when I was 8 but left soon after to go back to the Gold Coast. It was a great place to start but really all my development happened on the Gold Coast/Brisbane.

Are you stopping in at any new tournaments this year or the same ones you know? Andy
It's hard to go to new tournaments every year because the calendar stays pretty much the same and once you find what works for you and where you play well it's good to stick to it. Having said that I am going to play Charleston again this year. I missed it last year because we had Fed Cup in Australia so I went home for an extra week. The tournament that used to be in LA in July has now moved to San Diego, we used to play down there and it was very nice so I'm going to look at possibly playing that tournament again too. Apart from those it will be about the same.

I noticed some writing on your wrist tape in Miami - what do they say and do they help you? Cranks
Thats very observant of you... That's a secret what it says so you'll have to watch closer and try and work it out ;)

Why did you choose to live in Tampa? Bill
A few reasons. It is a very good place to train because of the weather and all the facilities that are around there to use. Sometimes I go to Saddlebrook to practice and sometimes to the Athletic Club that is near me. It's pretty easy to travel to and from there within the US and there are also direct flights to Europe so it usually works out well as far as having to get flights goes, and it turned out that a lot of family live nearby too. My grandfather and uncle and aunts live quite close to me so it's nice to visit them whenever I get a chance and that works out great when my dad comes over and then can see his family.

Do you like social networking like facebook and twitter? Jaime
I like facebook but have never been on twitter. I don't really understand the whole Twitter thing. Who cares if you're eating a sandwich or getting a haircut? (sorry to all those twitter fans) I just don't get it. Like I said I like facebook but go through stages of using more than others. I'm usually logged onto it a lot more when I'm in Europe or Asia where there is a language barrier and I cant understand most of what is on TV ;)

Thanks for reading again and I'll be back tomorrow!


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