Alisa Kleybanova's Moscow Blog: Tuesday

After saving match points to win on Tuesday, Alisa Kleybanova kept us updated on all the goings on in Moscow.

Published October 19, 2010 12:00

MOSCOW, Russia - Alisa Kleybanova has firmly established herself as one of Russia's best this year, winning her first two titles (in Kuala Lumpur and Seoul), and this week plays at home in Moscow. Catch up with the rising star now!

Alisa Kleybanova

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm feeling really tired right now :) I'm happy I won today, but it was very tough. Lucie had match points and I was really close to losing, but I had a very strong finish. I'm happy I was able to put things together and stay strong until the end. The crowd helped a lot - I really enjoy playing at home because whenever you need energy to continue on, they come through for you. I'd like to thank them.

My grandmother was watching me today - she always comes to watch me here. One of our family friends was also there - he works with my father and is always close to us. The rest of the people watching me were my friends or people I know who come to watch lots of matches. Oh and my coach was there too! He missed the tournaments I won this year but for the rest he's there... haha.

I didn't write about my doubles match in the blog yesterday. It didn't go well in terms of winning... but I think I played well! It definitely helped me for my singles today, playing on the same court, getting used to the lighting... I like starting a tournament with doubles. It's always a bit stressful to start your week off with singles. I think my doubles was one of the reasons I started quite well today.

I mentioned yesterday I'm staying at home this week. I've been getting home around 10:30 each night - Sunday was the player party, last night was our doubles match. Today I also had a long match and it's already late now, so I'll probably get home a little later again and relax. Tough day today!

Usually I would be telling you all about which book I'm reading because on the road I do read a lot, but not here... It's my first time in Moscow in a few months, and I have a lot of things to cross off on my 'to do list', like visa, passport and bank things... When you're away from home that list just grows! Plus I have Russian TV here and it's nice to watch it with my grandmother and family.

Of all the tournaments I've played so far in my career, here and Berlin have the best food - and since Berlin is gone now, I have to say this one is the best. Many people say Stuttgart also has the best food so we'll see next year...

Have a good night everybody!


What are your plans for the off-season? Patrick, USA
The last few years I wasn't able to take a vacation, so this year I want to do that. I'm planning for two weeks of holidays... Being at home isn't bad but after a long year you should go to some nice beach and just relax, just get all of this travelling and tennis out of your head! This year depends on whether I'm going to Bali or not. If I don't go there I'll go earlier. If I go to Bali I may even stay there for holiday without having to travel another 7-10 hours on a plane... we'll see!

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