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Check in with one of the brightest young stars of the WTA Tour as she blogs for us from Luxembourg. Read on...

Published October 21, 2010 12:00

LUXEMBOURG, Luxembourg - One year ago, Timea Bacsinszky won her very first Sony Ericsson WTA Tour title in Luxembourg, and now the young Swiss star returns to defend her crown - and write her first blog!

Timea Bacsinszky

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hey everyone,

Tathy and I won our doubles match today - I'm really happy about it, we lost to them the last time, so it just shows our tactics worked this time.

I have a day off tomorrow - I have practice, but I'm also planning to go into the city. There's a small bridge with a view of the castle here, it's not far from the hotel, maybe a five minute walk. And then there's the old city with nice shops, cafes... It feels just like I'm in Switzerland with the whole atmosphere. This year I haven't had a chance to see the city yet - I've been too lazy. I've been staying in my room and watching movies :) I just finished watching The Pursuit Of Happyness with Will Smith, I loved it. I've also watched L'Auberge Espagnole, a French movie, and the third Millennium movie, which is based on the books - I'm reading the third book right now. Halloween is coming so there are a lot of horror movies out now but I don't really enjoy those, I start feeling sick if I see too much blood! I've seen almost all of the Saw movies but I'm not a big fan!!

Tonight I'm just going to stay in the room and relax, just talk on the phone with friends and family. I'll talk to you all tomorrow!!


What has been your best tennis memory so far? Marco, Spain
I'd say Zürich in 2006. I was a wildcard into qualifying and beat Shaughnessy, Raymond and Ondraskova to get to the main draw, then beat Myskina and Schiavone to make the quarterfinals. I lost to Sharapova, 64 63. It was great to do it in Switzerland, and Hingis was still playing and was in the quarterfinals too, it was great! And I was only 17. Last year here was amazing too.

Who is your favorite singer or band? John, USA
Rock music is my favorite, but I like everything. My favorite band is Death Cab For Cutie. My brother also has a band, their music is really interesting. I'm so proud of him :) I'm also proud of my two sisters (I don't want to leave them out!)

What are your future goals, in tennis or in life? Rachel, UK
I haven't really planned anything yet, because I believe what you are living at the time you should live it 100%. If you think too much about the future or the past, you'll forget the present. I'm sure whatever I do after tennis, I'll have a great time though. I'm really interested in cooking, restaurants, bars - actually my dream job is to work in that field, even being a waitress - it sounds silly but it would be so nice to bring someone their food or drink, but bring it with happiness and hopefully bring a smile to their face. If you're passionate about something, you can do well at anything. I just like working with people. Of course, eventually I want to have a family, lots of children and be with the one I love :) Simple life, simple house... I'm just a regular person. We'll see what happens!

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