Timea Bacsinszky's Luxembourg Blog: Saturday

After a relaxing day off, Timea and Tathiana had a winning day on the doubles court in Luxembourg. Read on...

Published October 23, 2010 12:00

LUXEMBOURG, Luxembourg - One year ago, Timea Bacsinszky won her very first Sony Ericsson WTA Tour title in Luxembourg, and now the young Swiss star returns to defend her crown - and write her first blog!

Tathiana Garbin, Timea Bacsinszky

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hey everybody,

Tathy and I played a really solid match today and beat Polona and Petra to make the final. I won't say it was easy - we did fight for every point - but we managed to make it easier on ourselves because we played great. We try to focus on our serves first, with me hitting it hard from the back and Tathy putting pressure on the opponents at the net. If we can do something on their serve, great. Today we were able to do that and it made the difference.

We didn't have practice until 4pm today so I went into the city in the morning. Then I came back and packed, because if we lost today, we would have left! We'll be playing the final now so we're staying one more night. It's nice to have everything packed though :) I was just trying to keep busy! My coach, Tathy, her friend and I went out to an Italian restaurant tonight. They've been eating there the whole week. It was really fun, we laughed a lot, and they were also correcting (or... helping me!) with my Italian. I'm always trying to improve it so it's good! The food was great, at this point there are no surprises with Italian food for me because I've tried it all over the world and we have it in Switzerland too.

We play Iveta Benesova and Barbora Zahlavova Strycova in the final tomorrow. We've beaten them both times we've played them this year, but I wouldn't say we're the favorites, because they were tight matches. They just won Tokyo and Barbora won Linz with a different partner, which shows she has weapons if she can win titles with different players. It really shows how good you are in doubles if you can do that. Although it won't really take away from the disappointment of my singles result here, I really hope we can win the title!!

Earlier this week I mentioned my singles record against Romanians (I'm not too proud of it so I won't mention it again!) But I have a better stat now... the last five International tournaments Tathy and I have played together, we've been in the final (including this one). We've won two and lost two finals - hopefully tomorrow we can become 3-2, not 2-3! Wish us luck... and talk to you all again tomorrow :)


Who do you look up to as a tennis player? Shannon, UK
For sure Tathy is a great example for me, but I try to inspire myself from many others too. Everyone has some good things I can pick from - the work ethic of this one, the spirit on the court of this one, the way this one talks to the media and is really humble... I wouldn't say there's one idol for me. I really used to like Monica Seles, and for sure Hingis in a certain way as well. I can also say Patty for her long career. There isn't one perfect one though...

Did you have any other hobbies when you were a kid? Jennifer
Good question! My dad was also a tennis coach and he always wanted me to play tennis, but I wanted to try so many other things too. When I was in school we had other activities, like drawing, sewing, woodwork, music, gymnastics... I was allowed to miss those classes but I went all the time! I'm hardheaded - if you tell me not to do something, I will for sure do it! So those were my little getaway. Other kids wouldn't want to do those things but I did. Singing too... I'm a creative person so I love things like that, making a pillow, painting, anything. For Christmas I like making things like photo albums for people instead of buying expensive things. Who knows if they like them, they might be faking it! But to all of you, I really do give all of my heart to those things!

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