Rebecca Marino's Memphis Blog: Friday

Canada's Rebecca Marino won her first WTA semifinal and then checked in with us in her blog...

Published February 18, 2011 12:00

MEMPHIS, TN, USA - Rebecca Marino has been rising quickly up the rankings and is now seeded for the first time at a WTA tournament, the Cellular South Cup. The young Canadian serves up her first WTA blog this week...

Rebecca Marino

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hello! Or rather -Insert happy greeting of your choice here-

I had a great day today! I won my match against Rodina 67 64 61. I had a couple of set points that I lost in the first set, but was able to recover after that. It's always frustrating losing opportunities like that, but that's the way things go sometimes! It just depends on your reaction to it, and whether or not you can turn things around. I like to think I did a good job of that today!

During my match I had to take a medical time out for my left ab. The trainer asked me if I needed to go off court for the treatment or if I wanted to stay on court. Since it wasn't necessary to go off court (in my opinion) I stayed so she could treat me there. So if you were watching the match you got an extra little "side show" by seeing a sneak peek at my stomach. I hope my pasty white tummy didn't blind you; it's almost translucent it's so pale! The reason it's so white? I don't go tanning, so most of my skin never sees the light of day!

Also if you want to keep track of my progress a little more once I'm finished my blogging this week, you can follow me on twitter, @rebecca_marino, or on my official facebook fan page!

I'm keeping the blog short tonight, little bit tired and have a big day tomorrow. Wish me luck!

And now onto your questions!

What is your favorite thing to do when you have down time? Cassandra, Canada
I always try and spend time with my friends and family when I get some free time! I would also go to the movies, or a coffee shop... basically something very normal and relaxing. And if I can catch the hockey game on TV (or even better, live!) that's always a bonus!

This is one of the coolest blogs I've ever read! Where are you playing next? Diego, Brazil
Thank you for the complement, I try to do somewhat of a decent job with this! My next tournament will be in Monterrey, Mexico in a couple of weeks.

Being born in Toronto, raised in Vancouver and training in Montreal, what would you say are the major differences between Canada's three largest cities? Andrew, Canada
I love all three cities! I am a little biased when it comes to Vancouver, but it's my favourite of the three! That's mostly because it's my hometown and most of my friends and family live there too. There's a very relaxed vibe in Vancouver, and it is a very active/sporty city. It is also stunningly gorgeous with the view of the mountains and English Bay. Montreal is a more urban city. They have so many great festivals during the summer, it's so much fun! And the fact that there is so much history behind the culture, and that they speak French is very cool in my books! And finally Toronto is also a great city. I tend to think of it as the industrial/business centre of Canada. There are also a lot of communities within the city that make it a very attractive place to live in. All three are great places to live, so big thumbs up!

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