Aga Radwanska's Stanford Blog: Thursday

It was a day off for Agnieszka, so she turned to some fan questions... was yours answered? Find out...

Published July 28, 2011 12:00

STANFORD, CA, USA - Four WTA titles, more than $5 million in career prize money, 89 career weeks in the Top 10... and only 22 years old? Agnieszka Radwanska is one of the brightest young stars on the WTA and this week gets back to blogging at the Bank of the West Classic in Stanford, California.

Agnieszka Radwanska

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hello everybody! It wasn't a long day for me today - I just worked out, then I practiced my serve with my coach, then had a massage... that's it really, I'm pretty much done for today. We'll just go back to the hotel and have a good dinner, not sure where... maybe Cheesecake Factory :)

I'll do some more of your fan questions now... keep them coming!


What do you think needs to happen to push young people to play tennis in Poland, or make the sport more popular? Zbyszek, Poland
This is a good question, actually I hear this question very often. Tennis is not as popular in Poland as it here in the US, for example, but I think now more kids are playing tennis there. Tennis is for everyone and I really think kids should play! But it's hard to say exactly what it will take to make it more popular...

Do you read Harry Potter? Are you happy or sad about the last one? Anne, Australia
I haven't read it but I've seen the movies, but I haven't seen the last one! So I cannot really say anything about the end. But I do like the movies.

What's your favorite kind of ice cream? Ken
Definitely cookies and cream!

Will you and Ula be playing doubles anytime soon? Alex, USA
It's hard to say, but for sure we're going to try. Now I'm playing with Daniela, we've been playing since the beginning of the year. We'll try though.

What is your favorite color for your nails? Bartek and Sam
Red or pink.

Did you enjoy doing the Drink Milk ads in Poland? Michal, Poland
Yes, actually it was fun! I spent a lot of hours on court for the commercials and the posters, but it was a good thing!

What was the funniest situation you've had on court? Tomek, Poland
Always a tough question. There have been so many of them. For sure a couple of nice shots... I don't know if you've seen Federer hitting the winner between the legs, but I did the same thing - it wasn't on a TV court though. But I did it!

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