Andrea Petkovic's Carlsbad Blog: Tuesday

German No.1 Andrea Petkovic has had the best year of her career and is this week's WTA blogger. Read on...

Published August 02, 2011 12:00

CARLSBAD, CA, USA - Ranked No.11 this week and no matter how she does in Carlsbad, Top 10 next week. German No.1 Andrea Petkovic has had the best year of her career and is this week's WTA blogger. Read on...

Andrea Petkovic

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hi guys, and welcome to my blog for the WTA website. Why don't I start by telling you what I've been up to since Wimbledon...

The first thing I did was go on vacation to Tuscany for five days. It wasn't so long but it was very nice, I actually slept all day. Then afterwards I had three very hard weeks of preparation. I almost did the same as the off-season I did in December. I practice at an academy in Offenbach: two physical workouts and two tennis sessions a day, so it was really tough. I was basically eating, sleeping, practicing... and then eating, sleeping, practicing...

The nicest thing during that time is I went to see a few concerts. I haven't been to concerts in almost a year and now I picked up on that and went to four or five concerts within a few weeks! It was awesome. My favorite was Arcade Fire - I saw them in Tuscany, which was really beautiful. I also went to the theater and saw Hamlet, which I hadn't seen before. I never go to the theater but when I do I always enjoy it, so I should really start going to the theater more!

I also saw the Women's World Cup, which was absolutely amazing. I was just at the final with adidas. I was a little sick that day so I wasn't sure if I should go, but it was the most amazing, most exciting game I ever saw. I was totally blown away. There's one player I really liked, Hope Solo. Because she has a great name. Hope Solo. I would like to be named Hope Solo. That's a great name!

I came to Carlsbad quite early, six days before the tournament. We rented a car and drove here from San Diego. It was so beautiful - nice weather, getting some Sun... I got a little depression in England with all the rain, and I thought it would be better when I went back to Germany, but it just kept raining for three weeks. Here I feel reborn! I'm a little tanned and look much better. Everything's fine now.

My first match was tonight and I played solid. I hadn't played in a long time, almost a month, and it's always tough to pick up on your match routines. But I think I did okay. Alexa played well - she breaks the rhythm, and I had to play every point with full intensity, and I managed to do that. There were maybe one or two off games that shouldn't come in the future, but that's okay for now...

One thing I definitely want to try here is surfing. It will be hard because first of all it takes a lot of energy, and with me I always get hit and injured, so maybe I shouldn't... but I heard there are some great surfing places nearby.

Goodnight and talk to you tomorrow :)

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