Andrea Petkovic's Carlsbad Blog: Wednesday

What did Andrea Petkovic do on her day off, and what does she think about cracking the Top 10? All that and more...

Published August 03, 2011 12:00

CARLSBAD, CA, USA - Ranked No.11 this week and no matter how she does in Carlsbad, Top 10 next week. German No.1 Andrea Petkovic has had the best year of her career and is this week's WTA blogger. Read on...

Andrea Petkovic

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some people wonder how a player winds down after a night match. Take mine from last night. I finished quite late... the first thing I do is try to eat as fast as possible after the match, within half an hour of it. Then I'm cooling down - I have a good stretch and a massage for an hour. I have my trainer with me all the time. That gets me down, and then I just go to sleep. My match ended around 10:30, then I went to bed around 12:30 or 1 in the morning. I woke up at 9 :)

Today I had a day off from matches but I like to practice quite a lot, so I hit for almost two hours, then did a few sprints, just things for me to stay fast on court. Afterwards I went to have lunch, then I had to go and fix some things at the bank... yes, the bank! I opened an account in the States, my first account in the USA. It feels great! I feel honored to have an account here, right now, just before the country shuts down. I open an account right when it goes bankrupt. Just kidding. It's only a little money anyway. So after that I went to one shop, Urban Outfitters. I was only there half an hour so I only bought one thing and I'm wearing them right now, some new earrings. I didn't have much time to shop.

Right now I'm quite into movies. I've been reading the culture section of the German newspapers a lot. I just read an article about Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, I really want to see that movie... I heard it's intense, so that's why I probably won't see it until after the tournament! Right now I'm into a lot of artsy stuff, because I saw this great movie by a Canadian, a Québecois, Xavier Dolan. It was called Heartbeats and it was absolutely amazing. It's quite new. The guy is only 22 years old, he's a great personality too. When he was 17 he had a big fight with his mother, so he flew from home and took all the money from his account she saved for him for college, and he made a movie called 'I Killed My Mother'. He sent it by post to Cannes and they took it in, and he won Newcomer of the Year. It's amazing. Then there were some new investments into his new movie, Heartbeats, and that one is amazing too. He's always playing the leading role. I'm fascinated by this guy.

How do you feel about becoming Top 10 next Monday? Fraser, UK
We have a saying in Germany: 'Don't say good things about the day before it's evening.' So I'm still not gonna celebrate this until it's right in front of me!

What happened to your right hand this week? Cyrielle, France
Thanks for asking Cyrielle. I have blisters because it's very humid here. I never had blisters in my life, so I don't know what's going on! But it's in a bad spot, I have to wrap all my hand so it holds. The worst part is taking off the tape, they put a lot of glue on it... it takes me about 10 minutes of ripping the skin out of my hand. But it's okay. I'll survive.

Do you have any special dances in store for the US Open? Patrick, USA
Not really. I have a new kind of thing - I just do what comes to mind. Maybe I'll do something, maybe I'll do nothing... so it'll be a surprise, I guess!

Andrea's Carlsbad Blog: Tuesday

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