Andrea Petkovic's Carlsbad Blog: Thursday

Andrea Petkovic talks about some of the WTA's greatest legends, Strong Is Beautiful and... life on other planets?

Published August 04, 2011 12:00

CARLSBAD, CA, USA - Ranked No.11 this week and no matter how she does in Carlsbad, Top 10 next week. German No.1 Andrea Petkovic has had the best year of her career and is this week's WTA blogger. Read on...

Andrea Petkovic

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's surprisingly early for me to be done my match. I felt I was playing well - actually the first few games we were both playing very well. But I managed to hold up my level, and Virginie's dropped a bit. When she was serving in the first game of the second set she started rolling her shoulder and taking pace off her serve, and soon after she had to retire. It's too bad and I hope she will get better soon. For me the important part was I felt the ball well, so I'm okay.

I'm not sure what I'll do the rest of the day. Maybe I'll just go to my room and relax. I have to do a massage too. I really wanted to go surfing here but probably not during the tournament... I'm really clumsy and I'll get injured for sure, or get eaten by a shark, which would be worse. That would be terrible. But it would also be a great story! Not a great story for me, but for everybody else.

We have a great restaurant we've been going to here, it's called Robbie's Roadhouse. It's right by the beach and it's really, really beautiful. We've been there three or four times already. Maybe we'll go again tonight, I'm not sure.

You may have noticed the photo on my blog. It's from the Strong Is Beautiul campaign the WTA made this year. I love it - it's just so fitting. All the girls I see, especially the new up-and-comers, they look so fantastic in their own way. It's contrary to the typical beauty ideal we have in our society today, where you have all the skinny models. It's also nice to have athletic bodies, and people can see how much work we put in. I think Strong Is Beautiul is perfect.

What was it like to practice with Steffi Graf? Saar
Oh it was absolutely intense. It was quite funny, because she looked at me before the practice and said, 'You look like you're in good shape.' My first mistake was to say, 'Yeah, I'm in good shape.' So she started playing full power, left right, in the corners, going for winners. Of course I'm practicing with Steffi Graf so I'm not gonna tank! So I was grinding and running like crazy for 40 minutes. It was so good. She gave me a few tips, which were really good too - my coach and I worked on them, then right after that I made the semis in Miami. I wanted to go to Las Vegas again before coming to San Diego but my schedule changed a little bit. But I hope to do it again for sure.

Do you think the Williams sisters will dominate again? Muhammad
They are always a danger. I think they will definitely win Slams again, and win the big tournaments again. But I'm also quite sure all these new players out there, Petra Kvitova, Maria coming back and playing stronger again... it won't be as easy as before. Now the girls believe more in themselves. I still think Venus and Serena are two of the best players we've had in history.

Do you believe we on Earth are alone in the universe, or does life of any kind exist out there? Jack, England
That's an interesting question. I actually never thought about it. Most of the time, tennis players only care about themselves, not about the world, and especially not about the world outside the world! But I'm quite sure there's some life somewhere. Maybe not in the form we're used to like human beings or aliens we know from the movies, but some kind of bacteria must be out there for sure.

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