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Liezel Huber answers your questions during another rain day at the US Open. Send your questions in too!

Published September 07, 2011 12:00

NEW YORK, NY, USA - Multiple Grand Slam champion and former No.1 Liezel Huber began her blog the week before the US Open and now continues to write to us from the last Grand Slam of the year. Read on!

The stickers!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hey everyone!

I am sitting on the same couch as I did last night when I wrote to you... Now it's 24 hours later and NO TENNIS HAS BEEN PLAYED! I am not sure if you are going to count a few games that did get played... I don't count it, because our court hadn't started at all. The schedule changed. It changed again and it changed again. It may have changed another time, but I checked out after our doubles got cancelled at 4:30pm. We, the players, get antsy as we want to play. I am sure the tournament staff must be very frustrated, because they are trying to do all they can. For me, I feel the most for the fans. Imagine looking forward to attending the US Open all year and only being in New York for a few days to not see any tennis... Gosh, that is disappointing. Fortunately we did get to hit indoors again. We waited with what seemed like a zillion other people. The restaurant was packed, not a seat to be found. I cooked dinner tonight. By all means, not the tastiest of all of the meals we have had here yet, but a typical tennis player's meal. Pasta, chicken and salad.

I have a pen-pal. Her name is Lara and she is eight years old. She is my niece and I write to her every week. I write about anything really. I may write about the city we are in, something I have seen or something that happened to me. It just depends. I always write two pages. One of the first things I do when I get to a city is buy stamps. I do send Lara postcards from time to time or little packages with gifts. The most fun thing I send her is the letter every week. I includes stickers and now Lara collects them. Her stickers collection is growing and I know she is probably more excited for the stickers than the letter... As kids we used to write a lot. Now that we are adults, everyone e-mails and the writing thing is unknown to kids. I remembered all the good memories I had waiting to receive a letter from my friend and then replying. Seeing that I don't get to see my niece often, I thought we could be pen-pals! I mailed another letter to Lara this morning.

We are third match on Louis Armstrong tomorrow following the Roddick-Ferrer match, followed by Wozniacki-Petkovic and then us. Fingers crossed for better weather! Thanks for all your questions. Keep sending them! I am off to sleep, I need to be ready for when we finally get to play :-)

Night night,


Have you ever visited India and did you enjoy it? Aravind
I have been to India on three separate occasions! I played the tournament in Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bangalore. I teamed up with Sania Mirza and we won all three doubles titles. India loves me and I obviously love India! I grew up in Durban, South Africa with a huge Indian population and lots of delicious Indian food, so I feel very comfortable in India. Sania is my favorite Indian player, but I do think India has a lot of great players on tour.

How does the player selection work for the Olympics? Is it based on your ranking or do you have to qualify as a pair? Damian, England
Great question. Each country can take a maximum of six men and six women. Out of the six women, we can maximum have four singles players, which means two spots are left for doubles players. The ITF rules state if you are Top 10 ranked by the July 11, 2012 rankings, you are eligible. That is individual ranking. It is up to your NOC to nominate the team. They will nominate the teams they think will have the best chance at a medal. In the meantime, we just play very hard and hope to make the cut! It would be an honor!

If you could play doubles with anyone, fictional or non-fictional, who would it be?
I would have to say Billie Jean King. She is very smart and for sure I would learn a lot from her.

When they make the movie, 'The Liezel Huber Story', who do you want to play you and who do you want to play Tony? Steve
I would be very embarrassed if they made a movie about me. Maybe when I do something much more significant, then we can see about a movie or a book. For now I will keep working hard on the tennis court and also try to make a difference by giving back in every day life.

Which other players do you root for when you watch tennis? Ben
Being a proud American, I definitely root for my fellow Americans! I cheer for everyone really, but my favorites would be Kim Clijsters, Petra Kvitova, Sam Stosur, Alisa Kleybanova and María José Martínez Sánchez.

What's the best thing about living in Texas? William, Canada
The people! I love the people! An example would be, if you ask someone for directions, they wouldn't just give you directions, they will actually take you there. No one cares what job you have or how much you earn, everyone seems to be friendly and gets along with each other. The second thing I like about Texas is the Mexican food. We have the best Mexican restaurant less than two miles from our house. If you come to Houston I will take you to Alicia's!

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