Liezel Huber's US Open Blog: Thursday

Her quarterfinal match, Esther Vergeer and tunnels - all that and more in today's edition of Liezel Huber's blog!

Published September 08, 2011 12:00

NEW YORK, NY, USA - Multiple Grand Slam champion and former No.1 Liezel Huber began her blog the week before the US Open and now continues to write to us from the last Grand Slam of the year. Read on!

The tunnel...

Thursday, Septmeber 8, 2011

Hey everyone!

You must be as busy as I was today, because I thought there would be quite a few more questions for me... That's a good thing! When we are busy we tend to stay out of trouble! Two days of rain has put me out of sorts. I have been forced to conserve energy and wait for our match. I did pray for sunshine today, because I didn't know what I would do if it rained another day! Warming up for our match this morning felt weird. It seemed like the courts were playing faster after all the rain cleaned them. I definitely didn't feel a good rhythm when I was hitting the ball. My legs felt heavy and my feet slow. That made me feel a bit nervous for the match. The two days of rain created the strangest feeling. We just got going in the tournament and then we had a day without a match and two days of rain. That doesn't happen in any tournament. When do you have three days off in a row?! I am sure one can lose your flow, so today was huge for us to continue our 'run'. We had a tough match against Benesova and Zahlavova Strycova. Nadia Petrova and I lost to them in Canada last year and Sydney in January. Both matches were very close and we played well, but they still beat us. We knew we had to play aggressive today and we managed to do just that. For sure we are excited to be in the semis. We play second on Grandstand tomorrow.

Today I got to chat with Esther Vergeer. In my opinion, the most dominant athlete in the world! Go read up about Esther and come and cheer her on as she captures another US Open title! I would love to partner with Esther on the doubles court. I don't think she ever misses, so she would be the perfect partner! She hasn't lost a match since 2003... How awesome is that!

I took a picture of the midtown tunnel. You're probably wondering what is so significant about this tunnel? Besides I am sure that it is structurally amazing, it is the way that most of the players head back to the courts and back to their hotels. We go through it twice a day! The reason we rent this apartment, is that the apartment is located near the tunnel. In rush hour it could take 30-45 minutes to reach the tunnel from a hotel. For us the most is five minutes! I can't imagine what the total bill for the toll charges would be during the US Open. I am sure there is a lot of interesting stats and figures we players don't know or think of. I will try and find out some tomorrow and share them with you!

The New York drive...

The puzzle still stinks... Laundry is in the dryer. We ordered Japanese delivery. We felt like true New Yorkers, not cooking and ordering delivery! Very cool! I am off to bed. Our car is collecting us at 8:30am.

Night night,


When you're staying in Eastbourne, do you tend to eat in or do you have a favorite place to eat there? Damian, England
This must be a trick question, because everyone knows that we love the Qualisea! They have the best fish and chips on the planet! If you don't think so, I will pay for your meal :-) I get the cod and chips!

What kinds of drills do you and Lisa do in practice? Shawn
We do a ton of drills, but I think the most effective ones are when we are on the same side of the net. In other words, when we are partnering each other versus hitting against each other. We are both at the net and work on our movement together. We move accordingly to the ball we have hit and try to cover the obvious area. It's a lot of hard work because it happens so quickly.

What achievement are you most proud of on the tennis court? Kelly
I am probably most proud of still being competitively on tour at age 35. I am extremely dedicated (much more than the first part of my career) and also proud of what I have achieved overall in tennis.

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