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Kimiko Date-Krumm's Pattaya City Blog: Wednesday

Could the 2012 Kimiko beat the 1996 Kimiko? How often does she talk to her husband? Find out...

Published February 08, 2012 12:00

PATTAYA CITY, Thailand - In 2008 Kimiko Date-Krumm made a popular return to the WTA after almost 12 years in retirement, and since then she has been wowing crowds around the world with her unique style and showing age ain't nothing but a number. Now one of Asia's most celebrated athletes of all time is in Pattaya City and will bring us the latest blog this week.

Kimiko Date-Krumm

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello again everybody!

Today I played my first round doubles match with Akgul. We lost the first set, then we started to fight and finally we won, so we are very happy. Actually when the match finished it was already a little bit late for me - I normally go to sleep at 10 o'clock and it's almost 9:30, so I'll be in sleepy mode very soon!

I talk to my husband Michael every day. There's often a time difference, depending on where we are, but we talk two or three times a day sometimes. Now he's in Monaco. Before my match today he called me to tell me he was going to the gym then he had an interview, so he wouldn't be able to follow the live scores. I told him it was okay, that it was a doubles match so he didn't have to worry! Normally he always follows my live scores :)

After some of your questions I'm just going to take a bath then sleep!!

Have a good night,


Are you hoping to play at the London Olympics? Kazuhiko, Japan
Oh... I don't know. Right now my ranking is No.78, it is not enough. First of all I need to focus on my singles, and if I can go up, then maybe yes.

Could the 2012 Kimiko beat the 1996 Kimiko? Yoko, USA
Many players' coaches told me that I am a better player than when I was young. So the present Kimiko is stronger than before. In 1996 I had a young body and bigger muscles, but I was not so strong mentally. Now I have more experience and more mental strength. So I guess the answer is yes, I can beat the 1996 Kimiko, but only for a short time, it won't be always!

You look fabulous - how do you do it? Do you run a lot? Bobby, USA
I don't go running anymore now. I did two marathons, including the London Marathon in 2004. I finished with a time of 3:27:47 - you might wonder how I can remember these numbers so clearly, and it's because in a marathon every small number counts! My goal was 3:30, so I achieved that goal. After the marathon I ran every day for about half a year. I was kind of addicted to it and couldn't stop. Every morning when I woke up I needed to go running for about one hour, and afterwards I would quiet down and relax - and if I didn't go, I would feel stressed! Then my husband asked me, 'What do you want to do, are you going to be a professional runner?' After he talked to me I kind of woke up and thought, 'Um, I don't want to be a runner, I need to calm down.' Then I started running less. After I started playing tennis again, I didn't run so much. Sometimes I do Pilates - I like that. Sometimes I go to the spa - one of my sponsors if TBC (Tokyo Beauty Center) and when I go back to Japan I go there for facials. I have pretty strong skin. I think it's because of my DNA, but I do lead a very healthy lifestyle too, eating healthy and not eating so much junk food, sleeping a lot, drinking a lot of water... also I think your mental status is very important - being active and positive is very important to staying young.

What is the most memorable moment of your career? Tung, Australia
In 1996, I beat Graf in Fed Cup in Tokyo. She was No.1 at that time. More than 10,000 people watched our game. I remember it was in the quarterfinals - that was a very good memory. Also in 1996 I played against Steffi again in Wimbledon, and at that time there was no roof in the center court yet, and when it got dark the match was suspended. We continued to play the next day. In the end I lost the match, but it was a very good memory. I like Steffi, she is a very nice person, a strong person, No.1. She has everything, she's like a robot!

Do you miss home while you travel? What do you miss most? Asami
Actually I don't miss home so much. I enjoy the tour. When I was young I hated travelling - if there were more than three days off, I would fly back to Japan and stay at home so that my mind could relax, and then I would go back to play. Now I feel I enjoy travelling around. I can travel for two months, three months - not always, but I usually enjoy it. Of course I like my apartment, I will miss it a little when I'm gone. But when I am on the tour, there are nice hotels every time. If I am hungry, I don't need to cook or bake by myself, I can just go downstairs and eat some nice food. When my clothes are dirty, I can just do laundry at the tournament or in the hotel. But if I am home, I have to cook and wash clothes by myself sometimes - I would prefer not to! Haha.

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