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Published February 11, 2012 12:00

PATTAYA CITY, Thailand - In 2008 Kimiko Date-Krumm made a popular return to the WTA after almost 12 years in retirement, and since then she has been wowing crowds around the world with her unique style and showing age ain't nothing but a number. Now one of Asia's most celebrated athletes of all time is in Pattaya City and will bring us the latest blog this week.

Me, Sania, Akgul and Anastasia :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hello again everybody :)

I'm a little bit disappointed we lost our doubles semifinal today, but Sania and Anastasia are very strong doubles players. We had our chances but did not grab it. But I had a good time playing with Akgul - it's the first time we played together but I feel we are very comfortable with each other on the court!

Even though I didn't win this week, every time I come here I feel good energy, the people here are very friendly, the weather is lovely and it is relaxing by the pool side! I really enjoyed my time here. I had a very good time in Pattaya City and I will be happy to come back here again in the future.

Now I will have a one week break. I'm going to the IMG Academy in Florida to have some training for two days, then I will go to Monterrey, Mexico, for the tournament there. I'm leaving here Sunday at midnight so I'll have one day off here - I'm going to lie at the pool side enjoying some leisure time. Actually I do not like swimming so much but I like feeling relaxed, sunshine, doing some reading... I feel comfortable this way. And I'll do one more blog tomorrow :)


What is your training for tennis - do you do strength training with weights and do you train at the gym during tournaments? Sue, USA
During tournaments I do not do so much training, because I am not young anymore - I am not 20! I focus on the recovery. This may be totally contrary to the other players at this tournament - I see them training so hard. For me, if I do training in the morning, I am too tired for the day and for my matches. I like cycling and I like the gym but I try not to do too much, and I will stop training two or three days before the tournament. I still need to find the right balance.

Since your comeback you have done really well against the top players - why do you think you have had so much success against them? Shane
When I play against top players, I have even less pressure, nothing to lose. Also when I play against top players I play in nice courts, center courts, so I like the atmosphere and can concentrate on the game more. So, I play better.

What is your favorite shot in your game? Ella
My favorite play is putting pressure on the opponent with my return then going to the net and finishing the point. Now in women's tennis not so many players like going to the net but I like it a lot. If I do it, I'm very happy!

How many more years do you want to play? Tak, Germany
This is a difficult question. I don't have any specific plans. I enjoy playing tennis, but sometimes it is tough. But the last few years I feel I am lucky, getting to play main draw of the Grand Slams - not many people get to do that. It's something special. I retired for many years, came back and am now 41, and can still play Grand Slams. As long as I like the challenge and like fighting and am motivated to play, I will keep playing. And I want to be in the Grand Slam main draws every year. I do not care about the result so much and I pay less attention to the rankings. If I am in the Top 100, that's enough for me!

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