Kimiko Date-Krumm's Pattaya City Blog: Sunday

Kimiko Date-Krumm wraps up the latest WTA Player Blog from the PTT Pattaya Open in beautiful Pattaya City.

Published February 12, 2012 12:00

PATTAYA CITY, Thailand - In 2008 Kimiko Date-Krumm made a popular return to the WTA after almost 12 years in retirement, and since then she has been wowing crowds around the world with her unique style and showing age ain't nothing but a number. Now one of Asia's most celebrated athletes of all time is in Pattaya City and will bring us the latest blog this week.

Kimiko Date-Krumm

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hello again one last time from Pattaya City!

Since I finished all my matches yesterday I was totally relaxed today :) I woke up without any alarm and did a little bit of packing, then had a nice lunch by the beach. Right now I'm lying by the beach resting by myself...

I got a box of longan from the tournament today - it's one of my favorite fruits and every time I eat it I just cannot stop! My coach and I have been carrying the box around, eating happily. The tournament takes such good care of us :)

Someone asked me about the mosquitos in Pattaya this week, and at that time I said I had not seen or felt any, but I've been lucky enough to see it now! When I went out to eat yesterday I had quite a few bites on my legs... it's still very itchy now... but it doesn't matter, it's still lovely here at this tournament.

I'm happy about my performance this week. Though the result could have been better, I enjoyed my progress and my stay here. I want to thank all of you, the fans, who have been following my blog this week. Thank you for your support.

I hope to see and talk to you more throughout the year!

Until next time,


What do you like to do most in your leisure time? Kelly, China
Sleeping, eating and massages... then more sleep, eating and massages!

What is the one bad food you like the most? Sam, USA
I like a lot of food, but not bad food. I like spicy food, Chinese Sichuan food, lasagna, fruits - lots of different types of food, because I like eating! This is one of the reasons I like travelling - I can taste a lot of different food.

How do you feel about being so popular in Japan? Carrie, Japan
Am I that popular in Japan? Thank you! When I was younger I had stronger feelings about fame, but now I am comfortable with it. I don't feel there is too much impact on my life. I live in Tokyo and I take the subway - if people recognize me they don't have strong actions, because there are many famous people living in Japan and people get used to it. Also people in Tokyo are proud and don't want to show so much feelings about this kind of thing. There are some cases where people just tap me and ask for autographs or photos, but basically I am still leading a normal life. If I want to go out, shopping or eating with friends, I will go. And I appreciate all my fans too so it's no inconvenience!

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