Irina Falconi's Indian Wells Blog: Thursday

It was match day for Irina Falconi, then player party night. Read all about it in her blog from Indian Wells...

Published March 08, 2012 12:00

INDIAN WELLS, CA, USA - American rising star Irina Falconi, who is also one of the rising stars in the world of WTA Blogs, brings us the latest from the BNP Paribas Open in the beautiful paradise that is Indian Wells. Read on...

Irina Falconi

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What feels like day 10 here in Indian Wells.

And trust me, that ain't a bad thing baby!

This morning was match day. And party night. Oh yeah, you're going to get to hear about all the fun things us Pro Tennis players get to do. We do our business throughout the day: aka practice, play matches, work out and all that jazz, and then comes the night. Oh what a night. Like seriously, it was a memorable night. I wasn't just quoting a famous '80s song.

During match days, the process is just a tad bit different. The getting there, the warmup before the hit all relatively the same, but the hit itself and post warmup is a bit different than regular days. As it should though! I mean, warmups tend to take right about 30 minutes. Now now, granted!---the warmup time does vary! Players can go anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. It just depends on what makes you feel good, and how much court time you feel you need before a match.

So after my thirty minute warmup on Stadium court---oh yeah that's right...stadium court. Second largest court in the world. Yeah, no big deal. As I'm walking on the court to WARM UP, I'm already freeeeakin! And it's not a bad thing! It's just something about stadiums. You never really quite get used to them. I mean, you can ask even the Feds and Rafas of the world---stadiums will always get your adrenaline going.

After my 32 minute warmup---this how it went down:
10:00---Shower and get ready
10:10---Get a WTA patch and sign Kim up for on court coaching
10:18---Fix Hair
And last but not least
10:20---Call Jeff
Jeff and I can talk anywhere from 5 till 30 minutes before a match.

We talk about the court, the outfit that I'm going to wear for that specific match, players that are walking by, the lounge chairs, the cushion on the chairs, the different arcade machines, what he's doing with his group in Alpharetta that specific day, and last but not least---the game plan. Once that's all taken care of, we're good to go. Kim and I then had some time to go over a few things that we both wanted to see happen on the court, and then, just like that---it was go time.

My name gets called on the PA, everyone starts scuffling around, the practice desk becomes bombarded with a bunch of security officials wearing bright green Fila shirts, and players start getting escorted. We hop on a golf cart and go through a super secret tunnel to reach the stadium. Once there---"15 seconds till go time Ms. Falconi. You'll be going out first."

And just like that---the battle begins.

Alexandra and I had a very tough first set. We're both grinding, and taking our shots, and enjoying the stadium crowd.

I came out with the W today---on to the next one.

So wait, it's not over yet. Not even close.

Next is media. You get anywhere from 30-45 minutes to stretch, eat, and shower after the match before going in front of the cameras. So once I went to the gym for 20 minutes, showered, and ate something, it was time to get asked the money questions. Not literally, but you know what I mean. After that, it was time for another interview outside with the a Hollywood producer---no big deal.

Guess what I did after that.... I went and practiced! Yup! I bet you didn't get that one did ya? Anyway, I hit with a good friend on the tour, Kevin O'Neill, who took us to La Quinta---another little slice of heaven as you can see from the picture above. After a solid hour of working on a few things that I wanted to close the book on today and also work on for my next match, we came back to the hotel for a little hot tub massage therapy before the real party started. Seriously.

Kim and I dressed up like the celebrities that we are (in our heads anyway) and rocked that red carpet. Trust me when I tell you that the Player Party tonight was----EPIC! Legendary. Best one I've been so far. From the food, location, the music, and just the amount of fun little details that were put into the presentation was awesome! Let me go ahead and tell ya----a dance off actually broke out when the clock struck 10:30. Oh, and yeah, the Pink Panther was there. How could we NOT take a picture with him and the Inspector? Like, totally!

Stay tuned for some great American tennis tomorrow!

Second round for me is on Saturday!


Do you get star struck with any of the players on tour? Ed, USA
Star struck? I'm pretty sure that Fed and Rafa definitely still get me to straighten up a little when they walk in the room or walk past me. I mean, today, I was doing an interview in a soccer field type warm up place, and Fed walks with his security people to go practice---and people started clapping. Like seriously? I guess you're pretty good at life when that stuff's happening to you.

What other songs do you listen to for motivation? Charlie, USA
Hmm, let's see. I am a big fan of Usher, David Guetta, Tiesto, Jay Z. I'm even listening to Selena Gomez's song 'I love you like a love song' right now, and it's firing me up. Haha!


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