Irina Falconi's Indian Wells Blog: Friday

Read about Irina Falconi's in-between day at the BNP Paribas Open in beautiful Indian Wells.

Published March 09, 2012 12:00

INDIAN WELLS, CA, USA - American rising star Irina Falconi, who is also one of the rising stars in the world of WTA Blogs, brings us the latest from the BNP Paribas Open in the beautiful paradise that is Indian Wells. Read on...

Stadium 1

Friday, March 9, 2012

Currently watching Alice and Wonderland. You know, the new one with Johnny Depp? It's a pretty psychadelic movie but what better way to end a great "in-between" day?

Now, let me explain what an "in-between" day is. That term, that I just made up, is in reference to a day in between your matches. So, I played on Thursday, today is Friday (the "in-between" day,) and the match is tomorrow. With me so far?

So today, out of all of the days that I would have really wanted to sleep in, and COULD have slept in (because of the player party and whatnot), I went ahead and woke up at like 7:45am. Now, I know that to some of you, that is sleeping in, but just like finger prints, there are no sleeping patterns that are two of the same.

So what did I do? Duh, I did some work! I paid bills, send out a couple of emails, replied to a few of them, made some phone calls, and got all my ducks in a row for the day. After a nice not-85-dollar breakfast, it was back to the routine---a little gym work before the hit.

Once I got to the site, I did a little more work before I headed to the court. Now, what does THAT mean? It means getting laundry out, picking up or dropping off racquets, arrange the media requirements for that day, and last but not least, pick up the tennis balls. Can't really make it happen without them ya know? After I got all that done, I warmed up a Spanish player, Carla Suarez Navarro, who was on to play a match today.

I got what I needed on court, followed by what I needed food wise. An awesome protein shake that is. After my second meal of the day, I got my ducks in a row.

I went ahead and did some sponsor visits throughout a couple of suites around the stadium, pulled out of next week's tournament due to the fact that I'm still competing in this one, and then figured out my warm up for tomorrow.

By the way, do you remember me saying something about studying the game? Well, I just couldn't leave the site without sneaking a couple of games of doubles between the Serbs and the Spaniards. Jeez. Sorry about the view. Oh, and try and hit the balls harder boys, ok?

At around 3 o'clock, I was done at the site. An early day at the office for most. So what to do what to do? We tried arranging a little nail spa action at the hotel, but ended up resorting to a jet powered massage via hot tub. After a little sweat was spared, it was time to relax. And what better way to relax than with a great bed? A girl's gotta rest ya know?

A little LG's for dinner---oh yes, we are three for three, and that's how you end a solid night.

Well friends, that was my day. Tomorrow is battle numero dos. Rock on.

You've talked about eating egg whites, but what is your overall ideal breakfast? Jane, USA
Overall ideal breakfast is five egg whites---scrambled or omelette style, a bowl of berries, with one cup of warm steel cut oats with a few drops of honey. Yum-MEE!

What is your favorite shot? Al, USA
My favorite shot to hit is the dropshot, but my overall favorite shot in tennis is the tweener. It's a pretty gnarly shot. And if you can pull it off, you're doing pretty great in life.

What has been the best moment of your career so far? Catherine
Best moment of my career so far was probably winning the Pan American Games for the USA last October. Go USA!


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