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All good things must come to an end, and thus Irina Falconi's blog from Indian Wells wraps up...

Published March 11, 2012 12:00

INDIAN WELLS, CA, USA - American rising star Irina Falconi, who is also one of the rising stars in the world of WTA Blogs, brings us the latest from the BNP Paribas Open in the beautiful paradise that is Indian Wells. Read on...

My court... I am at the foot of the action.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Must all good things really come to an end? Well, apparently that was the plan for me on Saturday.

Oh gosh, that sounds pretty dreary, but no, no, let me be more specific. I had a great week, and in the second round, I played the 2011 US Open champ! She played great and showed me what it takes to be No.6 in the world with a Grand Slam under her belt.

Just like the rest of the week, we started the day up with an unbelievable breakfast but today we decided to crank the music a little louder on this fine morning. Of course, I HAD to play Lose Yourself as the theme song for obvious reasons, but the rest of the music was actually some dancing music to get me warmed up for my warm up for my warm up. Ha! After all that jazz, we got into yet another huge bus with leather seats and champagne glasses. Once again, we had the bus to ourselves.

Third on makes the process a little different. You can warm up a little later but not TOO much later just in case there's a sudden retirement or injury. The food timeline can change just a bit, and you have to be on constant watch of the status of the court. Kim and I decided to explore my court. I had never played on this specific stadium before, so I went ahead and watched a couple of games of the match before me before heading back inside to get some grub.

Once it got close, it was time to warm up yet again. Got the music, feet, and body going. Vamos.

Samantha played great, and I learned a lot. I'm going to go ahead and leave it at that this time.

After some post match work, it was time to figure out flights, figure out arrangements, and get in action. In about an hour I accomplished food, flights, prize money, quick media request, and transportation arrangements for the next morning. Talk about being efficient!

Look out for more blogging outta me in the next couple of weeks! Appreciate all of the readers and all the questions! Keep em coming!

Stay classy world.

Which women's players do you enjoy watching? Sue, USA
I honestly love watching Marion Bartoli. Her intensity on court is phenomenal. She honestly brings so much to the court and that fires me up!

What role does Kim play in your career? John
Kim plays a HUGE role in my career! One, she's my trainer, two, my nutritionist, and three, my confidante. She's what one would call their homegirl.

How do you see the future of American tennis? Vince, USA
Future of American tennis is BOOMING! There is so much American impact here this week, and I'm super excited of what's coming these next few tournaments! As a country and as a sport, we are really making a splash.

- IF

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