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Irina Falconi's Charleston Blog: Saturday

Irina Falconi isn't just a rising star on the WTA, she's also a rising star in the world of WTA Blogs...

Published March 31, 2012 12:00

CHARLESTON, SC, USA - Irina Falconi - a rising star on the WTA, as well as in the world of WTA Blogs - brings us all the latest from Charleston. Read on!


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Well hello again!

It's sure been a while!

Ha, since I am in the "South" I guess I can put a little southern twang on this one. What choo think? Sidenote: I just heard the correct way of saying pretty in the south. No joke, it's pronounced "purr-dee." Gee willikers, I sure do love living in the south.

Alright, so yes friends. Currently in Charleston, South Carolina! The home of the Family Circle Cup AND the WTT finals this September. Rosie, if you're reading this, you would be proud. First take baby! So, I'm currently in my room at the Four Seasons---wait no, that's right, I'm in housing. It just FEELS like the Four Seasons. House by the water, beach breeze when I'm eating my breakfast out by the porch, and an elevator that can get me throughout this crib. Yup, the Sharpe family obviously has it going on down here.

I'm going to go ahead and recap a little bit. I know that's the most fun about reading these bloggy thingies. So let me break it down for you real slow (that's what a rapper would say...since I AM from the A and all...) ANYWAY! Yesterday, I was in Florida. Yup, in Florida. Had a tournament in Osprey, Florida where another amazing family kept Kim and I for the week. Ashley Weinhold, my homegirl, and another player that I stayed with last week decided to take one for the team and drive Kim and I to the airport at 5am in the morning. 7am flight please? Yes, thank you. So listen to this, we got on a flight to go to Atlanta. But wait, we had to stop in Charlotte first. The logic? Absolutely none. But whatevs.

You might be wondering why we decided to go to Atlanta. Oh don't worry, this part gets real good. My coach, Jeff Wilson, was also going to come to Charleston. And he was going to drive. And he wasn't going to be coming alone---oh no. This whole pro tour thing is a family affair kinda thing. So you can guess what's next right? Yup, Kim and I arrive at Hartsfield Jackson International airport to then drive six hours to Charleston. Yup, no biggie. We weren't tired AT ALL upon arrival. We stopped at a couple of awesome places on this little roadtrip like a McDonalds Playhouse and a no brand gas station, so that alone made the trip worth it. Once we got there, we decided to get the juices flowing with hitting a couple of balls on the green animal. After a solid hit and reconnecting with all of the tour, we went to this awesome Japanese restaurant called Wasabi. It was right by the site and it was kid friendly---what more could we ask for?

After dinner, it was time to meet the unlucky---I mean fortunate family that was going to have to put up with me for a week :D

The Sharpes have decided to take on the challenge by the horns (my birthday is May 4th...come on, you get that right?) Vamos.

Alright, let's fast forward to Saturday. So as you can see from the picture above---that's Liam. That's my surrogate nephew or Jeff and Kim's 1 year old son. Yup, he's grabbing the Family Circle Cup tennis ball. Can you say home page picture? Pretty sure that's precious. So yeah, today, he was actually part of my warm up. Once he would try and grab the ball, I'd kick it, and then he'd run towards it, I'd run with him, and then at the right moment---I'd kick it again. It was a good hand/eye/movement/agility exercise. Hey man, you gotta improvise right?

I had two hits today. One of them was just with Jeff where I worked on specific drills that I would then use in the practice match I'd have in my second practice. It was all good.

Oh! Yeah! So in between my two hits, I had this awesome WTT interview with my homegirl Rosie Crews. Had to do some promo clips for World Team Tennis this summer and then I had a little personal video interview. It was a lot of fun. And from what Rosie gathered, she's decided to run a campaign for me---Goal For Gaga. Yup. One of the questions she asked me was if I had any twitter goals. So what did I say? Get to Lady Gaga status. So friends, if you're reading this, follow me on Twitter at IrinaFalconi. I promise you I'm funny :-)

So after all that jazz and my second hit, it was time to watch matches. Unfortunately, the plants decided to do the rain dance that suspended play for a bit. But not to worry, all first round qualifying matches were completed. Bob and Eleanor made sure to do the no rain dance, and it was all worked out.

Stay tuned for even funnier stuff tomorrow.

Oh and by the way! At the end of this week, I will have come up with an extremely clever title for my blog. Get pumped.



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