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Published April 01, 2012 12:00

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Let The Magic Live On"

Yup, that's the title/theme of my blog today. Now, I know that there is a lot to talk about, so I'm going to break it down for all of y'all. But I promise that you'll realize why the magic must live on.

This morning, just like any other morning here in Charleston, I ate my awesome 7 star breakfast out by the porch with the beach wind kissing my face. Ha, that had some literary flavor to it didn't it? I might go off like that a couple of times here... Let's see where the wind blows me. Ha.

I got picked up in the extremely lavish BMW 750i that runs and hunts like a cheetah---super fast when it has to go somewhere, and super stealth like when it's running. No pun intended?

Sidenote: A little Bee Gees just came on to help me write this blog---"...and it's me you need to show---how deep is your love?" Classic goodness.

I got to the site and it was the last round of qualifying. The air was electrifying with a sense of urgency amongst all of the players. Even main draw players that weren't playing but had to scout their opponents if they drew a qualifier in their slot.

Jeff and I decided that we were going to go for a long one in the morning, and depending on how that went, we would either shut it down, or take on practice numero dos. After my intense warm up that included the bean bags that are used for that popular college football pastime game, and one of those super jumbo sized autograph style tennis balls, I was ready to get on the court. Oh but wait... Couldn't go quite yet, and here's why.

As you know, tennis isn't just singles. Doubles is HUGE! I mean, if you're good in singles AND doubles, you're doing pretty well in life. So, this year in Charleston, because the prize money is larger and the competition is stronger---the cut for the doubles is also much lower. So, the doubles sign-in deadline was today at 12. Let me tell you---you'll never see a WTA office that packed than the last 5 minutes before the sign in closes. Girls are chasing other girls, texting, calling, and reaching out to other girls when they find out that their partner that they had originally agreed with, wouldn't be a good enough ranking to get into the doubles.

So, my 12 o'clock practice ended up being a 12:15ish practice. But not to worry, we still got it together and arrived to our court. Unfortunately we couldn't play on site due to court traffic but we went to the Park Club which is literally 1 minute away from Family Circle, and Eleni Daniilidou and I had an awesome hit there.

After we got our work in, it was time to eat and relax and scout. Oh yeah, that's right. Since I was to play a qualifier, can you imagine having to scout 8 matches and know the game plan for 16 different players? Well yeah that's what I did before my practice today. So when I got back, what did I do? I scouted some more because some matches hadn't finished yet.

I had an awesome lunch right before it was purrtified time. Oh yeah, I said it---purrrteeefied. Several make up artists had been invited by the Family Circle to do make up for the girls for the party tonight. So guess who was one of the lucky girls? Susie Jane of course. Haha, yup. My 9 year old surrogate little sister got her lipstick on. As you do...when you're 9.

A little more scouting and then it was time to chill before the party. I headed back to my private Four Seasons resort for a little snack before beach time. Yeah, rough. I just went barefoot and walked to the beach. Jealous? I am a little jealous.

After contemplating a universal game plan, it was time to get ready for the party. My designated BMW 750i came and picked me up and I totally rocked my driver's socks off. I was singing every song that came on...Like, Nelly? Hot in Herre? Totally sang that---at the top of my lungs. I taught her the chorus so I wasn't alone with the foolishness.

So the party....Epic! So you walk up to this super chic bar/restaurant/lounge that's on Market Street that's on the second floor that also leads to a rooftop. Sweet spot. So I'm hanging, eating the awesome food, and mingling with all of my peeps. From sushi, to brisket, to bike-blended smoothies. The combinations and possibilities were endless. There was one room that was designated purely for candy. A candy room? Reilly and Susie Jane totally rocked that room.

After an hour of mingling, the dance room/stage got it going. Abigail Spears, Akgul Amanmuradova and Jelena Jankovic were just a few of the ladies that broke it down on the dance floor. Reilly was trying to Move Like Berney, Susie was doing the bungaloo dance (I don't know what that is but you can get the visual right) and everyone else was just shaking it.

So, the theme. The magic. A magician actually came up to us during the middle of the party and gave us a little taste of his magician skills. After his cool trick his departing words were "Enjoy the night, and let the magic live."

Friends, the magician is right. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing---just let the magic live. Because if you think of it, life is a magical thing---so let the magic live. Boo yah. Just went philosophical and deep of all of y'all.

Shoutout to Eleanor Adams and Bob Moran for once again putting up a beautiful tournament along with a kick-butt party. Eleanor, you're my favorite. And Bob, we still have to get that one on one interview. I'll remind you again tomorrow.

The player party...

More from the player party...

More player party!

Oh and PS! If you haven't already, you must get on your Facebook and LIKE Family Circle Cup. They have a goal of 4000 so help them pass it.

If you like 'em, I'll give you a cookie.

Fourth on tomorrow!



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