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Irina Falconi brings us all the latest from Charleston in her blog from the Family Circle Cup.

Published April 02, 2012 12:00

CHARLESTON, SC, USA - Irina Falconi - a rising star on the WTA, as well as in the world of WTA Blogs - brings us all the latest from Charleston. Read on!

Irina Falconi

Monday, April 2, 2012

All I do is win and learn, there's no such thing as losing. Chinese language doesn't even have such a thing as "losing." Apparently they are just called "learning experiences." As it should be. Yes friends, today didn't go as planned but what are you going to do? You're going to practice.


After my match that was right under two hours, I decided to go with Jeff and have an hour and 15 minute practice to work on all of the things that didn't work too well on the court. Oh yeah. Even the top players, after a win, they will go out on the court and work out for a little bit, even if it's 15 minutes, so they can go to sleep feeling good about their game plan for the next day, and just for an all around well being feeling.

So yeah, let me recap as a I usually do. But before I continue, I just had a thought.

Imagine Novak writing a blog. It would be something along the lines of "Hey, everyone, I won another title today. Set another record yesterday. Won yet another match to match my old win streak." I mean, wouldn't winning get old? And no, you're right. Winning never gets old. The feeling is as new every single time. Ask any person-----winning is not a feeling that can be replicated. But anyway, that's Novak's journey.

Ahh, to finish my night off, I'm going to get a little Neon Moon by Brooks and Dunn to give this blog a little soul.

This morning was pretty solid. I mean, you had the five star breakfast with the view, the designated car and driver to take you along with the sick views of Charleston, before getting into all of the action of the Family Circle Cup. Since I was fourth on today, Jeff and I decided to go twice. What that means is that I would hit at around 10 with someone just to get the juices flowing, and then hit closer to my match time to have my mind in gear closer to starting time.

I got a great warm up in with Jamie Hampton. We decided to do our off-court warmup before our hit by the dog park. I was insistent on doing cartwheels in the grass, which she claimed was ridiculous only because she didn't know how to do a cartwheel! When I tried to teach her, it was a complete fail. So friends, next time you see Ms. Hampton, say cartwheel. Try and get her to do one and I'll give you TWO cookies.

After my hit, it was time to chill. One of the girls playing a match on my court retired, which threw the time back a little. But not to worry, we were prepared for whatever came our way...

After some more tennis learning, it was lunch time. Now, let me explain what tennis learning is. It's more like tennis studying but bear with me here. So, how do you get better at something? You learn absolutely everything there is to learn about it. Now, with sports, that's impossible. You can't possibly predict and be ready for every possible scenario in tennis because like fingerprints, there are no two points alike. So Jeff and I decided to go to every court and watch a couple of games to keep learning about the game and study other styles of play. It's not only educational, but it's fun. Jeff has this thing where he literally can't turn his coaching button off. Whenever he watches matches, he is in coaching mode. Now, I'm not quite there yet but I'm rapidly approaching that mode.

So yeah, a little fast forward and it was time for the match.

All credit to Andrea. She played awesome and was able to keep her composure in the important points. I wasn't going to go to sleep on that so that's why I decided to go to the practice court and work my butt off on a few different things that I need to improve on. And you know, you can't ever be good enough in a sport. It's impossible. Ask anyway.

After a great night with the Wilson family, it was finally time to close the book on today.

Till next time friends!!!

What kinds of adjustments do you make going from hardcourts to clay? Stephanie, USA
What adjustments? Well, for one, movement. You will notice that when you watch the same player on the two surfaces, their movement to and from the ball is significantly different. You will use different muscles of your legs that differ from grass and hard. And another adjustment is the whole tactical aspect of it. Clay court tennis is different from hard court tennis. Tactics are constantly changing and evolving.

What do you think of Venus Williams back on the tour? James, USA
I think Venus is an unbelivable tennis player. I mean, when you're good---you're good. To not having played for a while to just come back and get to the quarters of the Sony? Dang, you're good.

Do you ever watch video of your matches? Jeff
I don't watch enough footage of me, but I try to whenever I have the opportunity. It's really great to be able to watch yourself and see your game from a spectator's view.


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