Julia Goerges' Bad Gastein Blog: Wednesday

Julia Goerges talks soccer, Petko and... Star Trek? Read all about it in her latest blog from Bad Gastein!

Published June 13, 2012 12:00

BAD GASTEIN, Austria - Many of the WTA's brightest stars won their first title at the NÜRNBERGER Gastein Ladies and Julia Goerges is one of them, conquering the picturesque clay court tournament two years ago. And now the German chalks up another first in Bad Gastein - her first WTA Blog. Read on...

Julia Goerges

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hello again everybody :)

Today I slept in a bit longer as it was raining again, and we rescheduled our practice from 11 to 1pm. My coach and I went indoors and worked on some specific things, and it went well. It's always a good feeling when you are working hard and you see the results on the court. Of course you might think, 'If you can do this all the time, why didn't you do it yesterday?' But what matters is you are doing the right things that bring you further towards success in the future.

I actually thought we still had a chance to play our doubles today, but it got cancelled because one of our opponents didn't even start her singles. So our first round match got rescheduled for the third time this week :-) Why not? :-)

So tonight is soccer: Germany against Netherlands. I will be watching it and cheering big time for Germany. LET'S GO GERMANY! ROCK THE HOUSE! :-)

There was some bad news as Petko withdrew from Wimbledon. I already knew it was going to happen as we have an agreement to play doubles for the whole year, and so far we played one doubles match in Fed Cup! It's a shame what happened to her and I wish her a speedy recovery. We still have our goal alive that we set up two years ago, to play doubles at the Olympics, which would be a dream for us! We always have a lot of fun and are good friends. We get along pretty well and it's always so much fun with her on the court ;-) You guys know how funny she is. So we just hope that she comes back on time!

One thing I also wanted to mention is my Twitter, @juliagoerges. What I like about it is you can connect more with your fans. I like it more than Facebook. I can tweet a lot for the people who cannot travel to tournaments, so they can see what we're doing there. You can give them a look into other sides of your life.

Feel free to follow me ;-)

Best regards and we'll chat tomorrow again!

How do you get motivated before an important match? Christopher
I am always motivated for matches as it is my job and I always want to win. Of course most of the time when you have bigger success, everything is much more fun too! Also, you can get motivation from working hard and seeing yourself improving all the time. It motivates me even more when I look back and see where I was when I just started working with my coach, and then I see where I am now, and it shows me I'm on the right track!

Are you superstitious? What kind of rituals do you have before and during a match? Zeze, Portugal
I am not superstitious. Sometimes I take the same ball if I've served big with that ball, but unfortunately I have nothing else to tell you about!

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be? Tommy
When I'm about to go on a long trip to a tournament, I would like to beam myself to my final destination, just like in Star Trek!

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