Julia Goerges' Bad Gastein Blog: Thursday

Julia Goerges and Jill Craybas finally got on the doubles court and came out winners. Read about it here!

Published June 14, 2012 12:00

BAD GASTEIN, Austria - Many of the WTA's brightest stars won their first title at the NÜRNBERGER Gastein Ladies and Julia Goerges is one of them, conquering the picturesque clay court tournament two years ago. And now the German chalks up another first in Bad Gastein - her first WTA Blog. Read on...

Julia Goerges, Jill Craybas

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Well our doubles was big fun today as we had some funny situations ;-) One example was Jill running to a drop volley and I thought she might not get it, so I screamed at her COME ON JILLY and she got it. We won the point! She was laughing for the next four points. I'm surprised she didn't laugh while she was running because I screamed pretty loud ;-) We had fun and played very solid.

My routines around my doubles matches are a little bit different than for singles. I do less speedy things before a doubles match. Most times when I only have a doubles match to play that day, I do a workout afterwards with my fitness coach, and we do my cool down there. When I'm playing singles, I make my cool down by running and stretching only. So that's the difference...

We didn't see our opponents' first round match, as they were playing on a different site, and we also still had to play our first round so didn't check our possible second round. I don't know much about them... we'll just go out there and play our game, and hopefully have a lot of fun like we did today! ;-)

Tonight we went to the same place we've been going to almost the whole week. It's a nice Italian place close to the hotel, and a lot of players go there as well. It's pretty good. It makes you feel a little bit like you're in the players lounge ;-) I had a little macchiato at the bar with my team and friends here and then came back to write my blog, like every day, which I am really enjoying by the way!

Talk to you all again tomorrow!


You have so many strengths, but what is your No.1 favorite shot? Jen
Thanks for thinking I have so many strengths ;-) I think my biggest strength is my serve. When it's really on it's pretty tough to break me, and I can use my forehand after the serve for some free points, which always helps.

Do you know if you will compete at the Olympics yet? David, Austria
The official nominations for the Olympics from the German Federation is on the 25th of June, so we will see, and I hope yes ;-)

What is the most difficult thing about playing on the WTA? Jorge
I'm the type of girl who loves to spend a lot of time at home and sleep in her own bed, so that's the toughest part for me - being away for a long time, like when you go Australia or the US.

Will you play any more doubles with Sam? Carl, UK
Sam and I always see which tournaments she wants to play some doubles at and where she doesn't, then we see if I already have someone by then or not. But I do really enjoy playing with Sam. We have so much fun all the time and her team is just great. They are all really lovely people.

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