Irina's Eyes: The Blogmeister Is Back

Irina Falconi brings us the latest edition of her regular WTA Blog, Irina's Eyes, from Washington DC.

Published July 31, 2012 12:00

WASHINGTON DC, USA - American rising star Irina Falconi brings us the latest edition of her regular WTA Blog, Irina's Eyes, from Washington DC.

The view from the player party...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Well hello hello!!!!

Yup, the blogmeister is back. Just when you thought you wouldn't have some fun-entertaining-tennis-player's-life reading to catch up on...

So Washington DC. Good ole Nation's capital.

Now, for those of you who have never been to this tournament before---well I'm not surprised because it's a new one. Last year we had this tournament but at a different venue that didn't have the tournament hotel looking over the White House. Yup, exactly. The snipers had a little red dot on me because I kept taking pictures of the white house. (Totally kidding)

So, umm, have ya'll ever taken a red eye? Some yes, some no. Now, have any of ya'll ever taken a red eye and then had a match that day? Hmm... yup. That was me. On Saturday, I was finishing up my World Team Tennis season out on the west coast in Sacramento. Good thing I PURCHASED the red eye because I almost got a flight that would leave Sunday morning, but decided to travel with my teammate instead. So yup, I find out I am playing second after 4 on Sunday... I get to Baltimore at around 11... One hour drive TO the hotel, and then... eat... warm up... match. Yup, life of a tennis player.

And you know what? We pulled it out. We got the W, and after that---I got more much needed sleep. Pretty sure I slept around 12 hours that night.

Anyway, enough about my sleeping habits.

Oh I almost forgot---the PLAYER PARTY! Shazam. Talk about a glamorous night. So, since I am all about the glam (NOT) (actually kinda maybe... sometimes) I decided to go to the player party with Jeff (coach) and my doubles partner for the week, Chanelle Scheepers. She's a big deal, so I'm pretty sure she HAD to go. We were her bodyguards... (since we're in the nation's capital and all...)

So we get there, the W hotel, and the party is at the rooftop bar. Now, if ya'll think you've seen some awesome views---that's really cool for you. But seriously, this view, was a joke. That picture you see there? That's what I had to see all night---darn.

Once we got there, we went directly for the food because that's really ALL we care about at parties, and then it was glam time. We took pictures, signed a few autographs, caught up with a few friends, and got to enjoy the view. Now, player parties are one of the few times that you'll see us ladies all decked out with make-up, and cute dresses and all that jazz. We actually look like NORMAL people. Not saying that tennis players aren't normal but with all that sweat on our face, the disheveled hair, and the sporty clothing---I'm not going to say that you'd love to hug, kiss, and smell our awesome selves... Just saying---we smell nice after a great shower.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the fact that we are actually at a MIXED event this week. Yup, for all the single ladies out there, LOOK OUT! Besides the Slams, there aren't many events that you get to see guys playing in the tournament. And not only is it nice to see a different field sometimes, but it's super fun to watch them play! The Rock Creek Park site is super fan friendly. They have a great stadium that is super intimate and great for everyone! Seriously, there isn't a bad seat. And there are also three other courts that let you watch some really great tennis. Shoutout to all my Americans that did well in both the Olympics, and the Citi Open! Holla.

Alright, so Monday. Yup, I had to play singles. So, we decided to change it up a little from our typical routine. I was a night match, which meant I had to bring my night vision goggles.... Nah, I'm just kidding. Believe it or not, I actually had some in my bag when I did my Bag Check earlier this year... Not sure if it was left in the promo, but my rubber chicken did make its debut. Go ahead and look out for that on the Tennis Channel!

So yeah, Monday. Second after 7pm. Had a light practice at 3:30, and had another one at 7. Ha, that's a funny concept. "Let's hit at 7 okay?" Haha okay sure. Let's do it.

And I guess it was good because it worked for me to get the W. Let me hear another holla.

So today's Tuesday. We were supposed to have a White House tour provided by the tournament, but it was rescheduled. Shocker. Security reasons? Duh. Snipers? Yup.

Random thought...

Olympics is going on---how about those gymnast parents?



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