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Irina's Eyes: From Bach To Luda

Irina Falconi catches us up from the Citi Open after reaching the doubles final - her very first WTA final.

Published August 02, 2012 12:00

WASHINGTON DC, USA - American rising star Irina Falconi brings us the latest edition of her regular WTA Blog, Irina's Eyes, from Washington DC.

A picture from this week's Peruvian ambassador visit...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

From Bach to Luda.

One of the many perks that we have at our awesome hotel is that our designated "butler" comes around sometime in the evening, closes the blinds, and turns on our awesome Bose stereo to classical music. It's really cool, especially after a long day, to come to your home for the week, and have Bach in the background to calm you down after a long day.

Currently Thursday night.

You know that you're deep in a tournament when they aren't taking your name for dining anymore... When the drivers know you by your name... And when you don't even bother putting your name down for a practice court.

Yesterday I played against a fellow American, Vania King, who went on to beat another American today. She's obviously playing well! Good luck Vania!

It's always great to see your coach smiling after you lose... It just means that he's proud of what you did out there... Yeah I just noticed I went to third person... And we're back to first. Ha.

So yeah, after the match, I went and took care of my body with stretching, cooling down, and food before anything else. I debriefed and then it was a little scouting before heading out. We knew that we would have a battle so duh, you scout.

Today we played against the one seeds. And sure enough, it took us a set to get it going together, and at the end of the third set tiebreaker, Chanelle and I found ourselves in our first tour final. So listen to what we had to take care of, including media stuff after the match.

6:00 pm: Finished the match.
6:25 pm: Finished stretching.
6:30 pm: Finished changing, go eat.
6:45 pm: Head to a wine tasting promo thingy with Alex Dolgopolov.
7:00 pm: Autograph signing.
7:10 pm: Video interview with Jeff.
7:30 pm: Figure out flights for our next tournament in Montreal, search, buy, confirmed.
7:40 pm: Go support our Americans in a match out on one of the courts.
8:00 pm: Scout our opponents for the finals.
8:50 pm: Get transportation back to the hotel.
9:05 pm: Get to hotel, and listen to Bach.



Oh by the way, for all of you awesome fans that sent in some questions, here are some answers:

After two years at Georgia Tech, what made you decide it was time to move onto the pros? Do you still plan to finish your degree? David, Mexico
A lot of things led me to turn. I felt like I was ready for the next level and there was something deep inside me that was telling me that it was the right decision. And for sure I plan to finish! Maybe online, maybe after I'm done with the tour---haven't decided yet!

What is your favorite Olympic sport to watch? Will, England
Oh, that's a tough one. I really enjoy swimming, but I love watching gymnastics as well! Tennis is probably the obvious, but I watch that all the time. But wait, now that I think about it, volleyball is great!! Beach and team! Ahh, I guess I don't have a favorite haha.

What Spanish-language books or literature would you recommend? Maxime, France
Anything that Isabel Allende has written is pretty freakin awesome! :-)


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