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Another night match, another night victory - Sloane Stephens keeps on winning and keeps on blogging.

Published August 02, 2012 12:00

WASHINGTON DC, USA - She's one of the most charismatic young stars on the WTA, and she's also one of the newest Top 50 players on the WTA. Sloane Stephens took the French Open by storm this year, reaching her first Grand Slam second week, and now she gets her North American summer started in the US capital. Read on in the American teenager's first WTA Player Blog...

Sloane Stephens

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Was it warm in DC last night? Yes, it was! It was sizzling! I'm happy to be through to the semis in Washington DC. Genie played a solid match tonight. I knew she'd be on fire because she's had a great summer, so it was nice to get out there and compete with her. We had the opportunity to play on center court - thank you Citi Open for allowing us to play on your biggest stage - loved it! As late as it was, there was a great crowd out there tonight too. Yeah!

We had dinner at 12:30am across from our hotel and I officially have a new favorite dish, at least for the next few days :-) Oysters! Since I've been playing last match each night, the menus at the restaurants are a little limited. So, I snuck a couple of oysters from my Mom's plate on Wednesday night and I tried a few more tonight. Yummy!!! I know, I know, I shouldn't consume raw food during a tournament, lol. I'm done with them for the week, but I'm definitely a new oyster fan.

The Olympic magic continues! Gabby Douglas, all-around gymnastics champion! Michael Phelps, 200IM Gold! Made my day watching the replay tonight! Don't you guys get so pumped up for this? I get goose bumps watching and anticipating the results. It's crazy! USA Tennis going for the medals - Venus, Serena, Liezel, Lisa, Bob and Mike - Let's go!

Well, I've got an early hit, then back to the hotel for lunch and rest. 8pm match tomorrow on Granstand - see you there.

Good night,

Xoxo Sloane

You are playing fantastic! Are you excited for the US Open? Joy
Hi Joy, I'm really excited about the US Open, it's one of the best tournaments in the world... and it's in our home country. I love the atmosphere there and I really enjoy the restaurants in Manhattan.

When your father played in the NFL, did he encourage you to play sports? And what was his advice to you in sports and in life? Patrick
Hi Patrick, my Dad never really encouraged me to participate in sports. He was more of a "do whatever you are passionate about" person. He was very encouraging once he learned I played tennis, but he didn't push me.

What was your best memory from this year's French Open? Max
The French Open is an awesome tournament. My best moment was playing on the Philippe Chartrier against a Frenchwoman. The court was beautiful and the crowd was amazing. That was such an exciting time for me.

Out of all the young Americans, who do you think are the ones to watch out for the most? Alwyn
There are so many up and coming Americans, I don't know if I could mention a few without leaving others out. I am a huge fan of American tennis :-) and I'm always out there supporting the young players, that's one of the things that makes tennis fun for me.

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