Angelique Kerber's Cincinnati Blog: Friday

Check in with Angelique Kerber after her monster win over Serena Williams at the Western & Southern Open.

Published August 17, 2012 12:00

CINCINNATI, OH, USA - It has been a dream last 12 months for Angelique Kerber, going from outside the Top 100 last summer to now firmly established in the Top 10. She has the most match wins on the WTA this season and now writes her very first WTA Player Blog from the Western & Southern Open.

Angelique Kerber

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hello again everybody :)

Obviously it's an amazing feeling that I won against Serena. She's one of the greatest players ever. She has won so many big titles - Grand Slams, the Olympics... not just in the past, but this year too, and many more in the future - so it's for sure one of the biggest wins in my career. She's just amazing.

I think the key for me was my serve - I broke her twice, and she didn't break me. I mixed my serve up well. I also tried to move well and bring as many balls back as I could. It was not easy because she hits the ball so hard, it's so hard to get them back! I really had to take it point by point. I was just told I won the only two break points I had in the match, and it's like I said yesterday - I knew I would have to be 100% focused every point because I would only get a few chances in the match. I was really giving my best - I really enjoyed the match.

And I couldn't have done it alone. The fans are just amazing here - to hear all of you cheering and supporting us on center court today was amazing. I'm so happy to be in the semifinals of this great tournament and I can't wait to play for you again on center court in my match against Petra tomorrow night :)

I didn't watch Petra's match tonight but it's always nice to play against her. I think I'll have nothing to lose again. She won a very big title last week and is always so tough - I will just try to do my thing again. We'll see how it goes!

What else did I do today... after my match I had my press conference, some TV and other interviews, I went to the ESPN set outdoors, which was cool... and some other things. There was much more to do today than the other days! I went back to the hotel afterwards, went to dinner and just came back now.

It's quite late right now, almost 11! But I'm not complaining... honestly, after such a good win for me, it really doesn't matter what time it is right now!! :)

But I do have to go to bed soon. I'll check out some more of your great fan questions tomorrow... thank you for all of your wonderful messages of support, by the way! I'll talk to you all again tomorrow night!



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