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One last time from Cincinnati, Angelique Kerber brings us her WTA Player Blog. Read on...

Published August 19, 2012 12:00

CINCINNATI, OH, USA - It has been a dream last 12 months for Angelique Kerber, going from outside the Top 100 last summer to now firmly established in the Top 10. She has the most match wins on the WTA this season and now writes her very first WTA Player Blog from the Western & Southern Open.

Angelique Kerber

Sunday, August 19, 2012

One last time from Cincinnati... hello everyone!

Well, it was a tough match. I didn't have too much time to rest before the final, but I really tried everything I could today - it just wasn't enough. Li Na was playing so well, especially the last set. My goal was to give everything I had and I think I did that - she just got better and better during the match. There can only be one winner and one loser in a match, and runner-up isn't too bad :)

I can take positives from the week for sure. I know I'm playing very well right now and can beat the players ahead of me - my best moment of the week was my win over Serena, it was a very special moment for me. It was my first final at such a big tournament, too (and hopefully not my last one!) And also I really enjoyed my stay here in Cincinnati. I really had a great time this week.

Another thing I was happy about was Roger winning the men's title here today. I was cheering for him! I was a little bit shocked when I came to the site and saw it was 6-0 in the first set - I'm not sure what happened, I didn't see the first set... but it was a really good match in the second set. Roger played very well here - he went for the title and took it. Congratulations to you Roger!

After the press conference me and my coach gave Cincy a proper goodbye...

WE WENT TO KINGS ISLAND! It's the amusement park nearby. It was closing at 8 o'clock, and my coach said, 'Let's do this, let's really say goodbye to Cincinnati!' So we rushed and got there at 7:45, and because we only had 10 or 15 minutes we ran to the Drop Tower. I don't know how many meters we went up, but we saw all of Cincinnati from up there! Then it fell down!! It was fun!

So now I'm going to Dallas and I hope to get some more matches there. I'm really looking forward to New York - doing well there is my biggest goal.

Thank you everybody for reading my blog! I really, really enjoyed doing it. For sure I will do it again. And you can keep up with me on my website until then!

Until next time :)


How strong are your ties to Poland? Natalia, Poland
I'm actually in Poland a lot! Whenever I have a break from the tour I go to Germany but also to Poland, because my grandparents are there, also one part of my family - actually everyone is there except my parents! And they're originally from Poland too. Also our tennis academy is there, Centrum Tenisowe Angie. Whenever I go to Poland that's where I'm training.

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