Katarina Srebotnik's New Haven Blog: Friday

Check in with former doubles No.1 Katarina Srebotnik one last time from the New Haven Open at Yale.

Published August 24, 2012 12:00

NEW HAVEN, CT, USA - Fresh off back-to-back finals at Montréal and Cincinnati, former World No.1 doubles player brings us the latest WTA Player Blog from her third straight Premier-level event, the New Haven Open at Yale.

Laura, Lee, me, Kerri

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello one last time from New Haven everybody!

Unfortunately we didn't win today, but it was a high-quality, close match. We had some chances in the first set and it could have gone either way, but in the end we didn't make it. We're still very happy with our performance this week though, and now both of us could use a few days off before the Open. It has been a tough summer schedule since the Olympics - for me it was two finals in a row and now the semis here, so not really any days off. I'll use the next few days to recover as much as possible... which leads me to my next topic...

You'll see I've uploaded a picture of the training room. These are some of the wonderful people behind the scenes at the WTA - Laura (a physio), Lee (a massage therapist) and Kerri (also a physio). Normally at tournaments as big as New Haven there are five to seven staff in the training room at the start of the tournament, but since today was semifinals day there were only three left! Anyway, they are a big part of the tour and most of the players use their services, but we forget to thank them. They are many times responsible for fast recovery and rapid healing of our injuries. I want to thank them for what they do - they work long hours and do an amazing job!!

Before I answer some more of your questions I just want to thank you all for reading this week. Hopefully I made it interesting for you :)

Over and out from New Haven...


Are you more motivated by titles, ranking or doing your best? Steven
I would say titles and ranking. I always try to do the best I can and give my maximum every time I play. Some days that level may be lower than other days, but I always give my maximum. If I had to pick between titles and ranking... until I had No.1 in doubles I would say it was the ranking, because I already had singles titles, doubles titles and mixed doubles titles - now that I've achieved it, of course I want to achieve it again, but it's good to know you already got it.

How important is it to find a complementary doubles partner who plays the other side of the court? Russ, USA
This is one of the first things you look for when you choose a partner. Obviously there are a few steps in the selection, but for me this is the first thing. I play the deuce side, so I need a partner who is comfortable playing the ad side. There are some players who are only used to playing one side of the court, and they can't bring their best on the other side. So it's an important aspect!

Do you think the WTA will return to Slovenia in the future? Patrick
I would love to see another tournament in Slovenia, but honestly right now I don't think it's planned for the near future. They put so much effort into having the tournament in Portoroz for five or six years, and it has only been two years since it stopped, so probably not soon - probably not in my career, at least. Of course, I hope they do - I always had a great time playing at home...

You guys lead such an active life, how hard is it to slow down to recover from an injury? What do you do to pass the time? Ange, New Zealand
Until the end of 2008 I was very lucky to never have any big injuries, but when you get older your body doesn't take all of the physical stress of the tour as well, and I've had a few difficult injuries the last few years that have taken extra time to recover from. I had a very bad period that basically ended my singles career - I had five months with an injured Achilles, then right after that five months of shoulder injury. In total I had 10 months without touching a racquet. But when I was injured on my Achilles I did upper body work in the gym; when the Achilles was good and the shoulder was injured, I did lower body in the gym. I could run too. Basically you do whatever you can to make the recovery fast. You still train the parts that don't need rest. And a lot of physiotherapy!

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