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Sorana Cirstea brings us the latest WTA Player Blog from one of her favorite cities - New York City.

Published August 27, 2012 12:00

NEW YORK, NY, USA - Sorana Cirstea has been rising back up the WTA ranks this year, her season so far highlighted by three semifinals and two more quarterfinals - as well as a slew of Top 10 and Top 20 wins. Catch up with the vibrant Romanian in her WTA Player Blog from the city that never sleeps!

Sorana Cirstea

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hey guys!

This is gonna be my second time blogging for the WTA site and I'm really excited. Few people know that I love to write, so instead of putting my thoughts in my black notebook like I always do, I'll put them here so during the US Open you guys can get a look at my inside world...

This is probably one of my favourite tournaments, because I'm a huge fan of New York. I enjoy this place so much that I usually come for holidays here in November. I know my way around very well, so if you need tips on the the city I'm happy to give them for free ;)

Today I had my first round match against Sabine Lisicki. It was a tough one that I won in three sets, 46 62 62... but you guys probably know that already so I'm not gonna talk much about it! But what I'm gonna talk about is how much time we spend preparing for a match and how long our days at work are...

This morning I had a car at 7.45 to go to the site, when my match wasn't until 11. But there are so many things to do before. First I warmed up at the physio, then I warmed up at the gym and only after those I warmed up 30 minutes on court. Then I got the rackets ready, the drinks, the clothes, the tapes, the hair, and I can go on forever... and then if you have a rain delay like I had today, you have to start the whole process again!

People ask me what I do during rain delays. For example, today I was in the locker room most of the time. Usually I put my headphones on with my music at maximum volume, and I try to stay by myself. I don't like to interact with many people when I'm in a break during my match, so I can keep my focus... but don't worry, once the match is done I'm friendly again :) Grand Slam player lounges and restaurants are very busy, so usually you won't see me in there. I'm in and out of them so I don't waste my energy...

But when the match was over today and I was done with cool down, press and physio, I was free to go home. It was 7pm when I got back to the hotel, so I was at my job for almost 12 hours today! And yes, for me the hotel means home because out of 365 days a year, I spend more then 300 days in a hotel!!!!

As much as I'm trying to call tennis my job, tennis is actually my passion, my hobby, my first love - and when things are going well, no sacrifice feels big enough. Tennis has given me my biggest joys and nothing can compare with the feeling you have when you win... I would give up anything for that and for the sweet taste of victory... yep I guess I have a sweet tooth :)

Usually I like to dress up for dinner, put my heels on and go to a fancy, cool place to eat, so I can give my mind a break... but tonight I was quite tired and decided to grab a bite in a restaurant close to the hotel with my fitness coach from my adidas team, Gil Reyes. He is the most amazing person I have ever met and I'm very greatful for having him! I'm lucky, I know!!! I've known him for more then four years now and he not only helped me become a better athlete, but he helped me become a better person, which is way more important.

I think that's a lot for the first day, so maybe I should let you guys go! But I'll be back tomorrow with more news...

I wish all of you a beautiful day!



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