Sorana Cirstea's US Open Blog: Tuesday

Sorana Cirstea blogs for us on her day off between matches at the US Open in New York.

Published August 28, 2012 12:00

NEW YORK, NY, USA - Sorana Cirstea has been rising back up the WTA ranks this year, her season so far highlighted by three semifinals and two more quarterfinals - as well as a slew of Top 10 and Top 20 wins. Catch up with the vibrant Romanian in her WTA Player Blog from the city that never sleeps!

Sorana Cirstea

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hello again,

I was really happy to hear today that my first post was received very well, so thank you very much. As I've said I love to write so for me doing the blog this week is a pleasure! Putting my thoughts in writing gives me a lot of peace of mind and in time I realized it's something that helps me... and to know that you guys enjoy it as well is very rewarding. No matter how strong of a character you are, or how confident you are, I still believe you need positive feedback in order to continue doing something. Some people get motivated when someone tells them they are not good enough or they can't do it... I'm diffrent, I get motivated by positive thoughts, positive things and positive people...

I woke up early as usual today. I never really sleep past 7am... I'm an active person and I have the feeling that if I sleep more I miss out on the things life has to offer me... So I went quite early on site and had a hit from 10am. I did the usual routine for a day with no match - one hour of practice plus the warm-ups and the cooldown, physio and so on. I try to stay as little as possible on site on a day without a match, so by 1pm I was back home.

The rest of the afternoon I was resting... I'm never bored by myself and I'm never bored in general! I always find things to do and I love being on my own. As much as I would have loved to go for a run in Central Park or for a walk or anything else, I knew it was not going to be the best thing in order to keep my energy for tomorrow, so I decided to stay in the hotel the next few hours.

In the evening I met up with my best friend, Ana, and we had dinner together. She won her match today so we were both in good spirits. Only people who are close to us know how much heart we put into this sport and how much it hurts when things don't go the way we want, so our performance affects our mood. I'm very emotional and in a sport like tennis where you play week in week out, that doesnt really help... you have to be able to switch off and move on quickly! Someone once told me that in sport, in order to succeed you need to have a really bad memory :)

Tomorrow I'm playing my second round match. I'm excited and looking forward to it, because this is what I work for. I've been getting better this year at putting less pressure on myself. If it goes well great, if it doesn't I'll go on the practice court and work harder. And this way of thinking has been helping me to be a little bit more relaxed and ENJOY IT!!! You know what they say, happiness is a journey, not a destination, so let's treasure every moment we have and remember that time waits for no one...

And as a last thought I want to thank you guys for everything and for loving this sport... we are here because of you!!!!

Speak to you tomorrow and enjoy the US Open till then...



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