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Ula Radwanska's Moscow Blog: Tuesday

Urszula Radwanska's day off at the Kremlin Cup quickly filled up with activities on and off the court. Read on!

Published October 16, 2012 12:00

MOSCOW, Russia - As the season winds down, who better to blog than a player who has been on the up? Few have been making the kind of move up the rankings Urszula Radwanska has in 2012, starting the year outside the Top 100 and now No.30 in the world - and the younger sister of the World No.4 steps out of her shadow even more this week with her first WTA Player Blog.

Urszula Radwanska

Urszula Radwanska

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hello again everyone :)

So last night I didn't really do much. Even though it was my coach's birthday, it was already pretty late after my match, so I just gave him a present (which he was happy with!) and that's pretty much it, it was off to bed...

Every morning we go to Starbucks for breakfast, because I love the Vanilla Lattes. And of course this morning we did that again, and then I went to the courts to practice, then had a massage, then came back and had a rest.

Because I didn't have a match today I had time to do some other fun things, and one of them was an autograph session - it was awesome! I didn't expect so many people would be there, and so many kids pushing to get an autograph. It's nice to see how many fans I have in Moscow. I really enjoyed meeting them!

I also had my make-up done by Oriflame, which was fun. I've attached photos :)

Tomorrow I have my second round match against Caroline. I played her in April this year, so I know her game, and my sister has played her a couple of times this year too. She's not only an amazing player, she's also my best friend. At tournaments we go to dinner and spend time together all the time, and she speaks Polish so it's really nice. It will be a tough match - but when I go on the court I'm not really thinking about who's on the other side of the net, whether it's my friend or a big star. I just focus on my game and try to win every match.

Speaking of my sister, I've been asked whether I'm going to go to Istanbul next week to watch her, but I'm actually going to Los Angeles for the week because I'm doing a photo shoot and filming for a new app, so fans can follow my career better - what I'm doing, where I'm playing, my blog, photos, videos... the company doing it is Emediastar and I'm very excited about it! Stay tuned...

The week after that I'll see my sister because we're going on vacation! We aren't sure where yet, but for sure we'll be going somewhere hot with a nice beach, an island or something... because in Poland it's cold right now!

Then Christmas at home, then off to Australia right away...

Have a good night and I'll talk to you again tomorrow :)


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