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Andrea Petkovic's Pune Blog: Tuesday

From Sofia to Kimiko and Rio to naan bread, Andrea Petkovic covers it all on Day 2 of her blog from Pune.

Published November 06, 2012 12:00

PUNE, India - Don't let her current ranking fool you - Andrea Petkovic is a top player, through and through. In the Top 10 to start the year, she was struck with two major injuries that kept her out most of the season - but now she's healthy, reached the semifinals of her last event in Luxembourg, and has come to the new WTA $125 tournament in Pune hoping to gather even more steam.

The German star is also bringing us the latest WTA Blog this week. Read on!

Andrea Petkovic

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello again everybody,

I slept until 12:30 today. I'm still living in European time! After that I had a very nice lunch here and practiced, and just got ready for my first match.

It was a really tough match tonight. The center court is faster than the practice court, and I didn't get a chance to practice on the center court, so at first it was difficult to adjust. And my opponent, Sofia Shapatava, was playing very well and very aggressively. I also didn't know her at all - last year I knew every girl and what was coming, but since I was out almost one year, there are a lot of young girls I don't know. And I was really impressed with how she played.

So all of that put me under a lot of pressure, but it's good for me - the tough challenges make you better - and I always believe you're better at a tournament after a tough match rather than when you win 61 61, so it's okay. I like it.

The conditions are nice, too. It's slightly warmer than in Germany right now (where it's around zero degrees!) I'm really enjoying it here - except maybe when I smashed my racquet today, but apart from that I'm enjoying every moment!

And the fans are great here. I learned some Indian dances from the player party, and it was such a tough match that after I finished I was so happy, I had to do them. I didn't expect the fans to like it so much - I got a lot of applause! I'll keep learning them. They love singing and dancing here - my parents are Serbian, and Serbians like to dance a lot too. So I feel very comfortable here.

I have to talk about one of the other players who won today, Kimiko Date-Krumm. I'm always a fan of people doing what they love, and I really admire how she still loves to play and compete. I know I wouldn't be that happy because I'm very self-destructive in terms of tennis, so I don't see myself playing longer than 2016, because I think after that I would be a psycho. But people should do what they love, so Kimiko is doing great. I actually practiced with her a few days ago and she's doing incredible. She's REALLY good. And she looks amazing also! If I look like her at 42, I'll be just fine. I'll be very happy.

To elaborate on 2016, that year was always on my mind. I always wanted to play the Olympics in Rio. I always told myself I'd stop after 2016. With injuries my goals have shifted a bit, and now I have to rearrange myself... When that time comes, if I still feel there's a lot in me, I'll keep playing. But if not, I'll do something else. There are hundreds of other things I want to do... we'll see.

At first I was thinking about whether I should come here this week, since it's the end of the season, but then I felt I didn't need to rest anymore because that's basically what I was doing all year! I'm a very happy person, but during the months I couldn't play, I was so sad. So it was a great decision to come here, play some matches and just enjoy the tournament. The food is good and the people are so nice - it's a new tournament so obviously the facilities are still growing, but to me, the people themselves matter much more. I like nice people. They are taking care of me so well here. The Indian girls' dresses are so colorful, I want to dress in Indian clothes too! I've always wanted to try it. In Germany, people dress in a lot of black and white - if I wore an Indian dress there people would ask me what's going on with me. But now I'm here I finally have the chance. I'm hoping to wear some saree and paint my hands, it's very cool!

It's my first time in India and I'm really excited about it...

It's quite late now, so I'll just have some food (maybe Indian naan) and sleep.

Oh and if you click on the picture below you can see a gallery the WTA made of the opening ceremony from last night, which I talked about in yesterday's blog.

Talk to you all again tomorrow!


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Pictures from the opening ceremony... 

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