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Andrea Petkovic's Pune Blog: Friday

The struggles, the joy, Tommy Haas, Friends, and of course tennis - all that and more today.

Published November 09, 2012 12:00

PUNE, India - Don't let her current ranking fool you - Andrea Petkovic is a top player, through and through. In the Top 10 to start the year, she was struck with two major injuries that kept her out most of the season - but now she's healthy, reached the semifinals of her last event in Luxembourg, and has come to the new WTA $125 tournament in Pune hoping to gather even more steam.

The German star is also bringing us the latest WTA Blog this week. Read on!

Andrea Petkovic

Friday, November 9, 2012

It wasn't easy at all against Nina Bratchikova today, but sometimes when you play a really tough opponent, something just clicks in your mind and you know you have to be there every point. And I was - I was so sharp and so focused every point in the match. It looks easy, 62 60, but matches like this aganst such great players like Nina can turn in a minute, so I was really on my toes during the whole match. I think that made the difference in the end.

When I came here I wanted to have a couple of matches, even more matches if possible, so I'm really happy I've made my goal here in India. If you saw me the first match when I came back from injury in the summer, I was really bad - I had been doubting myself all year, not knowing if I was going to come back better or worse, or if I was going to come back at all. And even if I came back at my top level, I didn't know if it would be enough against the top girls, because players are improving all the time. I was watching every match from the Masters, and they had so many great matches, and I practice with Angie Kerber all the time and she's always improving so much. I knew I was losing not only the feeling of competition, but also ranking points, fitness, match play... it was a struggle. And when I started again I was out of my rhythm and out of my game...

But now I feel like I'm getting back to my old self a little bit. Having these matches, and Luxembourg as well, where I'm really keeping my game up each day, it's so important for me, and for the 2013 season too. And maybe the break had a good side - I really appreciate being back on the court right now.

And speaking of appreciating things, it's so great to play in front of the fans here. The crowd is great. They are really passionate and I really like that - they really get into the points and scream loud, and I like fans that are really out there and show their emotions. I really love the fans here in India.

Also I wanted to mention I've been watching the men's Masters this week. Yesterday I watched Federer against Ferrer, and it's just so amazing what they are doing. We are good players ourselves, but it's out of this world what they are doing - it's absolutely amazing to watch them play. (It's also a little bit sad for us because I know I wouldn't even make a point against them!)

I'm going to have a massage now, then my coach will stretch me out, which always hurts! Then I'll go back to the hotel and relax, and jump in the pool maybe - I used to swim when I was a kid, which is why I have these wide shoulders! Then maybe I'll watch a movie, or I also have all the Friends seasons on my laptop - it's one of my favorite sitcoms, so maybe I'll watch some Friends.

Have a good night everyone,


How did you get involved in Hopman Cup in January, and what do you think of Tommy Haas? Chris, Germany
Tommy Haas' manager asked me three or four months ago if I was interested in playing the Hopman Cup, and I wanted it so much, but with my injury I didn't know what to say, because obviously I needed some ranking points. But then I decided if I played Hopman Cup it meant I'd definitely have three tough matches, and also, if I ever played Hopman Cup I always, always wanted to do it with Tommy Haas. He's such a great idol of mine, I just think he's absolutely amazing, the way he just came back every time through all the setbacks and struggles. He has been so nice, so amazing, working so hard - he's a big, big idol for me and I admire him so much. It'll be interesting for me to see if I can hold my racquet, because I'll be so nervous I'll be shaking.

Where did you find the power to motivate yourself to come back from your injuries? Andrea
Normally it's easy for me when I get injured, I'm just sad for a couple of days, maybe a week or two, and then I don't even think about it. But the two big injuries right after each other this year was really tough. I was really doubting myself. But in the end, the love for tennis is bigger, and I know I won't be playing forever, so I know I just have to keep pulling through it.

What are your goals for 2013? Jessica, South Africa
My goal is definitely to try to get back to my old level of play, the level I had before my injuries. I feel like it's coming back slowly, but there are still tons of things to improve. If I can get to my top level again, the ranking will come.

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