Andrea Petkovic's Pune Blog: Saturday

She didn't come away with the title, but Andrea Petkovic got some great matches in - here she is, one last time from Pune.

Published November 10, 2012 12:00

PUNE, India - Don't let her current ranking fool you - Andrea Petkovic is a top player, through and through. In the Top 10 to start the year, she was struck with two major injuries that kept her out most of the season - but now she's healthy, reached the semifinals of her last event in Luxembourg, and has come to the new WTA $125 tournament in Pune hoping to gather even more steam.

The German star is also bringing us the latest WTA Blog this week. Read on!

Andrea Petkovic

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Unfortunately I lost today. Elina played really well throughout the whole match. I think I lost the match at the beginning - I felt slow and wasn't moving well at all. That was the big difference in the first set, and I never really got into the match. There was also one line call that made me lose my cool a little bit, which I know shouldn't happen. I stuck with it and kept fighting, but she did so well. She served so well and it was tough to break her, and she really deserved to win.

I'm still lacking consistency - I can play a few great matches in a row then a horrible one. And I'm still miles away from what I can do. But she played great, and even if I played better, I'm not sure I would have won anyway - the score may have been closer, that might be all. Elina was just too tough today.

I had a great time here, though. When I came here I said I wanted to have a few matches and I did that, and I also wanted to stay until the end and I almost did that. I'm really, really happy with the way I played this week. It was a great week for me here in India. I was really warmly welcomed and experienced a new culture - I had never been to India before. I'm definitely going to ome back, maybe even as a tourist too to see a little bit more of the country, because it's just a beautiful country. It was a great pleasure for me to be here.

I'm actually leaving tonight, so I'm just going to go back to the hotel, pack a few things, and maybe I'll have a big piece of cake! I don't really eat sweets during practice and tournament weeks, but now I have a week off, so I'm happy. I would have liked playing one more day, but it's not too bad going home!

Thank you all for reading my blog for the WTA site! And thanks to everyone here in Pune this week - I had a wonderful time. And you can all follow me all year on my website or on Twitter, of course. I'll talk to you all very soon!


Which of the six Friends is your favourite? Karen
Chandler because I just think he's hilarious, but I also like Ross because he has the best faces. It's actually tough to say, because in every episode I like someone else better, but I think Chandler and Ross are the ones that make me laugh the most. Maybe I'll watch a couple of episodes at the airport later!

What is the best shot you have ever hit in your life? Matthew
The best shot I've ever hit in my life was during the US Open last year. I was playing Zheng Jie and was down 36 03, and I had break point to get back to 2-3 on my serve, and there was a huge rally. I was running left, right, left, right, and she played to my backhand really wide and I couldn't reach it, so I played it with my left hand - she came to the net and I lobbed her with my left hand. I was playing on the Grandstand, which is one of my favorite courts, and I got a standing ovation. I ended up turning the match around and won it. It was definitely the most memorable point I've ever played in my life!

Which part of your game is usually the quickest to come back after you come back from injury? Gabriel
That's a good question, it's really tough to say! I know which part is usually the slowest to come back, and that's my return game. It's one of my strengths, and it's the one that always comes back last, which is strange! But I think my forehand is the one that feels the best right when I come back. And I've had a few comebacks. So I would say my forehand, then my backhand.

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