Sofia Arvidsson's Memphis Blog: Sunday

Check in with two-time Memphis champion Sofia Arvidsson as she prepares for her opening match - also have a look at one of the perks a former champion gets at the International event.

Published February 17, 2013 12:00

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hi there!

I had a nice birthday dinner yesterday. We went to a Teppanyaki place next door, but since I'm a sushi fan I had sushi. My friends' company would have been enough, but they also brought me a present, a Starbucks giftcard. They know my love for coffee. This morning when I went there the guy who was working there had mine ready before I ordered - good memory I must say.

The cool thing about winning in Memphis is they give you your own parking spot and car for the week:

Sofia Arvidsson

There was a funny moment last year when I came to watch one of the night matches - when I came driving toward the club, the police stopped me and asked, 'Excuse me ma'am, but where are you going? The parking is over there...' and he pointed in one direction. I had to tell him the truth: "I accually have my own parking spot..... over there," and pointed to the spot next to the clubhouse. So not only did I win the title last year..... I also beat the police, 1-0 =)

One thing with travelling around the world is that you meet a lot of people and see a lot of different cultures. A few years ago here in Memphis I brought along my hitting partner Stefan. It was his first time in the US. When we met after breakfast he says:

"Sofia!! Do you know what happened at breakfast??"
"No what happened?"
"I came to breakfast and the woman working there said, 'Good morning darling, what can I get you to drink??' She called me darling!!!"

In Sweden you only say darling to the person you love, so I had to explain to Stefan that here in the US it can be used as a way of being polite. It doesn't mean she loves you...

Today I have been doing some training. In the morning I did a gym session and in the afternoon I practiced with my fellow Swede Johanna. The weather was great today so between my sessions I took some time to sit outside and read my book. I love reading.

Now I've had a few days of practice here in Memphis and tomorrow it's showtime. I will be playing against Jana Cepelova. She is a young, upcoming player, so it won't be an easy one.

Let's hope we both play a good match.

Time for dinner soon. Have a nice evening everybody and I'll speak to you again tomorrow!


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