Sori's Story: The Silver Lining

With some big tournaments right around the corner, Sorana Cirstea has been training hard - but also trying to get some last-minute concerts and movies in. Read on with the Romanian No.1...

Published March 02, 2013 12:00

Sorana Cirstea

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hey guys,

I'm writing this entry as I'm having my morning coffee. I'm a morning person and in time I got used to waking up early, so I never really sleep past 7 or 8am, no matter if I'm in tournaments, at home or on holidays. This is my favorite time of the day and while I'm having my coffee I usually get my writing duties done over breakfast....

The training weeks before the tournaments have a lot of hard work to be done, but they're usually more relaxed. You don't feel the stress as much as when you are in competition, and when you're done with the practice it's easier to take your mind off tennis and focus on something else. One of the things that Gil always tells me is that I need to work hard and give my 100% when I'm on the court or in the gym, but then when I'm done I need to enjoy life a little and do things that make me happy without feeling guilty... As a professional athlete - and not just as a tennis player - you need to have a lot of discipline in your life, so no matter what I do, in the back of my mind I'm always thinking if any off-court activities I do will affect my performance on court. And since I know there are tournaments around the corner and I won't have much spare time or I won't want to waste my energy, this week I've been trying to take advantage...

On Thursday night I went to see this South American singer, Ricardo Arjona, in concert. I love his songs and his lyrics are amazing... so yes I do speak Spanish if that's your question :) Few people believe me when I say I learned this language only by watching soap operas, and I've never had a lesson in my life... but us Romanians are very talented with languages and we have Latin background as well, so for us it's quite easy to learn Spanish, Italian and French, and if we try a bit harder Portuguese as well. But the main idea is that I like anything that has to do with South America, Spain or any other Latin country, so I always joke that if you speak Spanish I already like you :)

On Friday night I went and saw the movie "Silver Linings Playbook". I'm still trying to catch up with all the Oscar movies, I will get there eventually! I really enjoyed it, it was a breath of fresh air and something diffrent and nice to see.

Now on a different note, yesterday - the 1st of March - was a big day in Romania. It was "Women's Day". It's one of my favorite days and I have to admit I did feel a little homesick. I've never seen anywhere in the world where people celebrate holidays like us Romanians do. We are very warm and passionate, and we always respect the traditions... so on the 1st of March, every guy has to give a small present or flowers to the girls they know. For example, when you were in school as a girl, on this day you would receive a small gift from every boy in your class... it was a must. I grew up in a family where men are gentlemen and treat women with a lot of respect and care, so on this day they would buy flowers and presents for all the ladies in the family and take them out for dinner. At your job on this day you would get flowers from your male boss and male customers, so in one word this is our day as women that we can be spoiled and pampered and feel like princesses! Even the policemen stop lady drivers in traffic only to give them red roses. It's a really cool and happy day I promise :)

And now since I've finished my coffee and ate my breakfast, I'll leave you guys to go to your things while I go and get ready to start my day of training. Steffi is gonna come out today. She is the coolest person ever, a true champion on and off the court. I started tennis because of her when I was four years old, so when I met her for the first time five years ago I was so ovelwhelmed I couldn't talk. She is the reason why I've picked up tennis and no matter how much I see her I still can't get used to the idea that I'm on the same court with Steffi Graf. She is my idol...



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