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Published March 09, 2013 12:00

Sorana Cirstea

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Morning there,

Or whatever time in the day finds you reading this post!

Someone asked me the other day what's gonna be in my next entry for the blog, or what subject I will talk about... my answer was "I really don't know!" The way my writing works is that I never think about it until I open my computer, I never plan anything. I just sit in front of it and whatever comes in my mind I put it in writing. So let's see what goes through my head at 7.28am on Saturday morning...

I won my match yesterday against Anabel Medina Garrigues. It was a hard one because she is a great player, very tough to beat. She doesn't give you anything for free, you have to earn the win and work for every single point... plus I dont think I'd ever beaten her before, so mentally it was not easy. I was down set and 3-1 before I managed to find my way back into the match and adjust to the conditions. I know Anabel quite well, we used to play doubles together a while ago and she is a great girl. She was actually one of the first people who encouraged me to speak Spanish with her so I could learn, because I was very shy about it - I know you guys only see us on the court when we are fighting against each other and trying to win, but off the court most of us have a lot of respect for one another and some of us can even call each other friends.

Also at my match yesterday I had huge support from some of my friends who came from LA to see me play, so I'm very grateful for that. They all came with Romanian flags and t-shirts, and they were screaming and singing the whole way through the match. It was such a nice feeling... they said they are coming on Sunday for my next round so I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing them :))

And now on a different note, it has been so cold here the past two days, it's not even funny. We are in the desert so it is supposed to be cold in the evening and mornings but apparently the weather forgot to warm up during the day as well! But then from my hotel room you can actually see the snow on the mountains 30 minutes away from here, so I shouldn't be surprised... it's fascinating how nature works when you think about it...

Now another fascinating thing... so yesterday was the 8th of March... and everyone was saying it was Women's Day, except me. I was contradicting everyone and saying it's Mother's Day today and on the 1st of March is Women's Day. At least that's how we celebrate it in Romania... and I recall this very well because 8th of March was a very stressful day for me - in school they always used to make us learn a song or poem so we could tell it to our mum together with a hand-made card that we had to make... since I can't sing and I didn't want to ruin my mum's day by making her listen to me, I always used to choose a poem instead. Even at that age I was a perfectionist so I was stressing a lot to make everything look and sound perfect... later on I realized that sometimes it's more about the gesture than the actual gift. So the conclusion is that every country and side of the world celebrates things and traditions differently, so it doesn't really matter the date on the calendar, but the date in your heart...

Today is a practice and recovery day so tomorrow I can be 100% for my next match. Also I've been spending a lot of time talking to my good friend Andreea, the wife of our best Romanian tennis player Victor Hanescu... She is here supporting her husband and I'm very happy for that because she is such a joy to be around and talking to her helps me a lot. In life it's very important to surround yourself with people who will push you higher and forward, who will bring the best out of you. We are already very hard on ourselves, trying to cope with the pressure and everything, so it's very important to have a positive energy and vibe from your family, friends and even supporters, and to have people with good hearts and souls next to you. Andreea and I know other very well because in Bucharest we live in the same area so we are kind of neighbours :) Victor is an amazing player, an example for me and a person that I can learn a lot from, because he has been in this business for much longer than I have. He works so hard and has done some great improvements lately so it's very nice to see him doing well. I'm happy to see any Romanian doing well, we are a small country so we should support each other as much as we can!

And now as a last thought - I just want to thank everyone for their lovely messages and comments here, on my Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else you guys wrote me. I'm very happy to hear that you enjoy my blog because I do it for you guys... For example the other day I met Lisa Raymond in the hotel parking and she told me that I was doing a good job with my blog. Knowing that such an amazing and accomplished player like Lisa reads my blog made my day :))

So yes I'm human and I nurture myself with postive feedback...

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend,



Sorana Cirstea

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