Sori's Story: The Best In People

On a night between matches, Sorana Cirstea brings us the latest edition of Sori's Story. Which famous athlete's documentary has she been watching? Who are true heroes? Read on to find out.

Published March 25, 2013 12:00

Sorana Cirstea

Sunday, March 24, 2013


I'm sorry for not writing much the past couple of days. I'm not going to pull the "I was busy" excuse or any other cool reason, because my mum always told me, 'A lady never tries to find excuses for not being on time, she just says I'm sorry and moves on.' So in order to make my mum happy and not break those lady rules, I'll just say..... I'M SORRY. I promise I'll make it up to you guys :)

So let's see how the last week of my life has been...

On Friday I was a few points away from losing to Sílvia Soler-Espinosa in my second round match. I already had one foot on the plane on my way to Bucharest, before I managed to turn it around and win the match 6-2 in the third.

When I have a good day I find it very easy to get the win, but the problem is when you don't have such a great day and you don't feel the things the right way on the court, that's when you have to find a way to win the match. And the two things that made me get through on Friday were my legs and my heart. I fought my way into the match with whatever I had that day and I'm proud for turning that around. There were times before when I used to be ashamed if I wasn't playing perfectly, but now I understand that when your game is not there, you can still win matches just with legs and heart. Plus, sometimes these matches give you way more satisfaction than the matches when you played well and win easily, because you didn't quit, you didn't give up, and you fought hard and tried your best - it really gives you that joy and excitement sport is all about.

And today - Sunday - I won another match, my third round against Angelique Kerber. She is a great Top 10 player and a very nice girl as well. There is not much I will say about this except that I was happy with the way I played and things went well, so it was one of those good days....

But the point I'm trying to make here is that it's such a small difference between making it and not making it... So many times I was down set points in my first round matches and then went on to win the tournament, or similar situations like this!!!! And lately I've learned that it's all about fighting fighting fighting with whatever you have in the tank that day, because things can turn around so quickly!!!!

Now let's see what else I've done off the court, something interesting so you don't fall asleep while reading this post... hmmm... well except for spending some girls time with Ana, and going on an afternoon at the spa with my other good friend Maria Kirilenko to relax a bit, not much has happened - my life for the past week has been mostly related to tennis. I know I'm in Miami and there are so many cool things to do, but I'll have enough time after the tournament is done to check the beach and all that stuff ;) Usually while I'm playing I don't like to waste my energy on too many off-court activities, I'm pretty quiet and I focus on my training, my recovery and all the other duties our job requires.... ahhh okay and I forgot to mention that I went shopping one afternoon as well with Andreea, the wife of Hanescu... how can I forget the most important activity, shopping..... ;)

This week I also took a little break from my daily Grey's Anatomy episodes to watch some movies... I felt like I needed a change... so I came across this documentary called "Tyson". It's about the life of Mike Tyson. I like real stories and documentaries, I like to see real life people and how they manage to conquer those struggles, issues and problems that reality brings... I don't really enjoy much sci-fi movies and comedies, I'm more of a drama, thriller, action type of person ;)

Anyway back to Tyson.... I find boxing similar to tennis from the mental point of view and found this documentary very interesting. I know some will agree with me and some will not, and that's all good. I learned from my parents that in life I have two options: "I love or I ignore". And when you live your life between these two feelings there is no place for hate. I try not to judge because I know how it feels to be judged all the time and you never really know what's behind someone's decision. So if I see something good in life I express my love and joy towards it, and if I see something that I don't like I just ignore it and move forward. Life is way too short for me to spend my energy on negative things... the same goes with this documentary, I liked some of the things and embraced them, and I didn't like some of the things and I ignored them, but overall I found it very interesting. I call this "my organic way of thinking"... my non-altered, non-chemically treated way of thinking :))) I like to believe that no matter how old I get I can still keep that innocent way where you see the best in people before anything else.

Now unfortunately I will have to go because tomorrow I'm playing my fourth round match against Jelena Jankovic and I need to get some rest... ahhhhh but before that I need to complain about something.... I need to complain about the Miami weather... how in the world do the girls that live here manage to have nice, sleek hair??!!! Every single day in this city it's a bad hair day because of the humidity... the hairspray business must be doing really well here because that's the only thing that settles down the bird nest on my head... I'm serious now, this is a life or death issue and I consider the Miami girls true heroes.... ;)

Night night,



Sorana Cirstea

Sorana Cirstea

Sorana Cirstea

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