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Kristina Mladenovic played singles and doubles Thursday - how did she do? Who's her favorite athlete? Did she like playing in Brazil? And can you remember your dreams when you wake up?

Published April 25, 2013 12:00

Kristina Mladenovic

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hi everyone - it was a great day at the office today!! I'm very happy with the results.

It was a pretty long day. As I explained to you yesterday, our days start with planning when we're gonna eat, have our warm-up, etc.. I was playing second match from 11am today so I had a good breakfast and thought I'd just have some bars before the match as I did the first day.. but the match before me was longer than expected, it went to three sets, so at the end I had to eat a plate of pasta! I think this is the most difficult thing in our sport.. most of the time we never know when we're gonna play! In other sports you know when you play, and also how long you're going to play.

Today was also very hot so I made sure I had everything I needed on court - bars, drinks, ice towels, sunscreen...

I beat Yulia Putintseva 63 63 but the result is a little bit harsh compared to the match! First of all, the conditions were not easy today for either of us - it wasn't just hot, it was also very windy, but never in the same direction - and we had many bad bounces.. and don't forget the fact that the balls are already flying here because of the altitude. But in addition to that, Yulia is a player who puts a lot of topspin on her shots, especially her forehand is very explosive, so bounces were high sometimes! A typical clay court game. I'm happy I managed to still be stable on my legs and apply a smart game to make her force it and make her play an extra shot she maybe wasn't expecting.

Actually I'm happy the way I played today. It wasn't always great but it was consistent, and I think I played better than her in the important moments. I went for big winners in the crucial moments. My first shots - my serve and return - are my favorites, and I think they definitely helped me today. They were my biggest weapons, especially in these conditions. It helps having 'easy free points'! That's how I put pressure on her throughout the match and it paid off..

I'm glad I'm in the quarterfinals tomorrow!

I didn't have much time to rest and enjoy my victory, because another match was waiting for me! But I don't complain, it's a good sign, it means we keep winning, which is a great feeling!

Straight after my match, the WTA Supervisor, Tony, came to ask me how long I would need to rest before going to play my doubles. I don't have the same routine between two matches - it actually just depends on the circumstances: When did I play my singles? What's the time? Was it very difficult physically and does it require more rest for my body? Am I hungry? Would I prefer to keep playing or to take a break and then warm up again? Do I need any treatment in between? So.. today I asked for a little hour between my singles and doubles.. I needed to have a good cold shower, some food, and a little "flush" with the physio - we call a little massage a "flush".. it helps to release the bad tension in your muscles.

I was happy to come back and find my partner to go to play our doubles quarterfinal! It was a very tricky doubles match. Our opponents, Klepac/Klemenschits, have two different types of game, but they are playing together so it wasn't easy handling both rhythms. One hits strong, one is more touchy.

The first set we were not really in there - we missed some important shots. In doubles if you lose your concentration the score can go really fast against you. But then we just fought for every opportunity and managed to win the second set with a break, and then came the super tie-break - it's a lot about concentration and sometimes luck - we were down 7/4 and managed to win 10/8!

That's the beauty of tennis, it's never over before we shake hands. We were in a really bad position and we kept believing we could do it. That's why I love doubles too, it's a lot of suspense and anything can happen with a few decisive shots.

Anyway, we were excited to get through this one and be in the semifinals!

Tomorrow my singles quarterfinal is against Scheepers, and it's second match from 12 on central court. I've played her recently, in Indian Wells, and I lost in straight sets - it was a really bad match for me there, one of those matches where nothing worked. So I'm definitely looking forward to taking my revenge and playing better! It's a new day, a new surface, a new tournament.. and a spot for the semifinals here, so very exciting!

Time to go to bed and have sweet dreams... hopefully! :)

Well, I'm curious to know how many people can remember the dreams they had during the night? Sometimes I don't remember anything at all! :((( I hope I can have some good ones tonight!

Talk to you tomorrow guys.

Sleep well xoxo


Also I'm happy to see more questions today... here are my answers:

You don't have much to defend until the US Open - how high do you think you can go? Guillame, Belgium
It's true I don't have much to defend until the US Open but that's not how I work. I don't look at periods where I have to defend points or not - I try my best every day to produce the best tennis I can and work hard to stay healthy and improve! I believe strongly in myself, but you never know when the work will pay off, so it's almost impossible to answer... but I hope I will go the highest I can.

Who is your favorite athlete - in tennis and in any other sport? Charlie
My favorite tennis athlete is Roger Federer! For me he is just the Legend of tennis. As for other sports.. I love handball, and I admire a good friend of mine, Nikola Karabatic. I was also impressed by Usain Bolt in London at the Olympics - he is such an amazing athlete!

Did you enjoy playing in Florianopolis this year? Diego, Brazil
I enjoyed my stay in Florianopolis so much this year! I was there a few years ago for a junior event and I remember having good results and having a lot of fun too. I remembered meeting my idol, Guga, because it's where he lives. When I learned there will be a new WTA event in Florianopolis I was really excited to go back. I love the place, the people are very friendly, and I had good results again!

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