Kiki's Marrakech Blog: The Great Wall

When one door closes, another one opens - and after her singles campaign came to an end, Kristina Mladenovic's focus is now on the doubles at the Grand Prix SAR La Princesse Lalla Meryem.

Published April 26, 2013 12:00

Kristina Mladenovic

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hi everyone!

My day didn't end as well as it started!

I slept well throughout the whole night without waking up, and when I woke up in the morning I was in a good mood. Unfortunately I couldn't remember my dreams.. but I guess there were nice dreams if I slept that deep and nicely! So I woke up feeling good even after yesterday's long day..

And then I had a good warm-up..

My match against Chanelle today was very complicated for me, though. I lost 61 62.. I think she played some great tennis out there. She controlled the game and really neutralized mine. I felt like I was playing wrong. I wasn't patient enough - I still had my hardcourt routines.. which wouldn't really work against her today as she doesn't make any mistakes and always makes you play one more shot! I also forced my serve and it wasn't working either. But credit to her - she really knew what to do today and was consistent and precise. So far this tournament she has had impressive results..

For my part I'm of course a little bit disappointed, but I'll just move on and take positives from this tournament. It's my first tournament on red clay so it's normal that it takes some time to adjust my game and get my rhythm and feel comfortable on this surface. I'm still in the adaptation and transition, especially after last week's Fed Cup on hardcourt. So I'm still satisfied with two wins over two great clay court players! I'm aware of what I have to focus on and work on to hopefully have a successful clay court season - it doesn't start that badly with a quarterfinal here, right?

Oh, and.. I'm still in the tournament, playing the doubles semifinals with Petra tomorrow! It feels great still being in the tournament, even now for doubles. I think it's always a great feeling being part of the end of tournaments you play, either doubles or singles, it means you belong with the best players of the week and are looking for a title. I'm really excited to be back on this central court tomorrow with Petra, we'll for sure give our best to reach the final in doubles!

I didn't do much after my match, just the normal routines, then went to support Alizé against Schiavone, but unfortunately she couldn't make it either.

Tomorrow we're playing third match against Savchuk and Chanelle again :)

I remember telling you at the beginning of the week that I hoped to play as far into the tournament as possible so I could write to you all every day.. the end of the week is coming and we're still here :)

With love from Marrakech to all my fans and supporters!

Goodnight and talk to you tomorrow xxxx


Who are your best friends on the tour? Jean
I have many girls I really appreciate on the tour and who are good friends of mine, but I cannot mention them all! My best are my Fed Cup teammates, the French girls, plus Petra Martic, Lucie Safarova, Nastya, Petko, Bojana Jovanovski..

Is there anywhere in the world you haven't been to already that you want to visit? James, UK
I've never been to the Great Wall Of China and I'm so excited I'm going to play the tournament this year for the first time, so I'll have the chance to go and visit it!

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