Errani's Madrid Blog: My Maximum

Sara Errani loves being in Spain, so it's only fitting she brings us her first WTA Player Blog from the Mutua Madrid Open this week. Check out her first entry now - and send your questions in!

Published May 05, 2013 12:00

Sara Errani

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hello from Madrid everyone :)

First of all, I am really happy to be in Spain. The day after Stuttgart I went home to Valencia and practiced there for some days, but not too much because it was raining a lot and there are no indoor courts there. I've been living in Valencia for nine years now, but of course I don't spend too much time there because I'm always on the tour! But my coach and physical trainer are there too, it's like a big family, sometimes I even go and eat at my coach's parents house. I really feel at home there.

I came to Madrid on Wednesday and practiced here for three days. The courts are perfect - I prefer the red clay much more than the blue clay from last year! This year the courts are really perfect.

I love the food here in Spain, too. The tortillas are very good, I like it very much. Also the ham from here is very good. The only difficult thing is they eat here really late at night - sometimes they open the restaurants at 8:45 or 9, which is a bit late! But you get used to it and can prepare to eat before.

One question I get asked a lot this year is about pressure, after having my best year last year. But I am still just playing tournament by tournament and just trying to do my best. I think I started very well this year. Many people were saying it would be very tough to follow up last year, and of course it is, but I'm just trying my best. It doesn't matter if I finish the year at No.7, 15 or 30, I'm just doing my best.

The most important thing for me is to go on the court and leave my maximum.

One thing I was really happy about this year was becoming No.1 in doubles with Robi last week. For sure it was always a goal for us to be at No.1 together - and now we've played only with each other for one year and made many good results, so we did it, we're No.1. It's bad luck we weren't able to play doubles here in Madrid, but we'll play many more tournaments this year and in the future!

I already played my first match yesterday so today was a day off from matches for me. What did I do today... I had breakfast, then came here and practiced with Sam Stosur - it wasn't too long of a practice, just 45 minutes - and I also had physical warm-up before and after. Then I'm going to eat in a little bit and maybe watch Robi's match. I get a bit nervous watching her - of course I want her to win. It's not good to get nervous, you really need to relax on your day off, but it still happens.

I also did an interview for Roland Garros and a photo shoot for Tennis Channel. These things are difficult for me, they're a little different than what I'm used to, and it will take me some more years to become comfortable with them all, but it's still good to do these things. They can be fun!

Goodnight from Madrid... talk to you tomorrow :)


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