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Sam Stosur brings us her latest blog from Rome. How did her doubles match go? What did she pull out of her eye in her dream? Also, find out how USANA helps her stay on top of her health.

Published May 14, 2013 12:00

Samantha Stosur

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hello again everyone!

Well, the doubles went very well today. We had a very good win, which was nice, and I had a lot of fun playing with Francesca, as always. It was a great crowd out there - it was a really good time.

I have my next singles match tomorrow against Peng Shuai. We just played recently at Indian Wells and had a long tight three-setter there, which I won, but it was a very tough match. Now that we're on the clay hopefully I can do the same thing - I'm not sure if this is necessarily her favorite surface. But it's a new day tomorrow and you always have to go out there expecting a tough match.

I mentioned before I went to do my own laundry, and I've been asked about that - yes I do it myself if possible! Last night was too late so we didn't do it, but tonight it's definitely on the cards.

One more thing I wanted to mention today before I get to some of your wonderful fan questions is my relationship with USANA. I'm one of their ambassadors with the tour. They've been with the tour for quite a few years now and it's great to have a company like them on board to support the whole tour, and then more individually myself and a few of the other players. It's a tough thing to stay on top of your health, and once I came back from Lyme's disease I had to have a bit more of a plan in place to make sure I'm getting everything I need when I'm on the road. It's not easy, so it's great to be able to use their products and know they're 100% safe. They're such a great supporter of the tour.

I did a video with USANA recently and it's here in the blog right after the fan questions...

Okay now onto the questions - keep them coming!


What are your favorite and least favorite practice drills on the court? Petra
We do a lot of drills, and there aren't too many I wouldn't say I like a lot, but there's one where Dave makes me move one ball on one side then one on the other, and I have to make eight in a row, and I usually have to do it five or six times before we can change the drill. So it's completely in my hands how long it takes to do it. It can be frustrating, but if you're doing well it's actually okay!

What are the most important things for a child who wants to start playing tennis? Elahe, Iran
I think first and foremost you should be playing for fun and because you want to enjoy it. That's the one thing I always did. I loved going to tennis and I loved playing, playing tournaments, and whatever else. When you're young and getting into it that should be the most important thing. Have fun with your friends. When you get older it can become more serious if that's what you really want to do.

Do you color coordinate your outfits and equipment, or is it the sponsors? Kristina, Germany
The sponsors do it. They do coordinate my outfit with my shoes, but the racquet stays the same, so sometimes my clothing and my racquets clash, but I can't do anything about it. It's fine though!

Do you ever remember your dreams and what was the last one you remember? Ai, Japan
Sometimes I do! The last one that I remember was quite strange. I pulled a cheque out of my eye, and it was dated back from 2009. I don't remember the amount of the cheque, but for some reason my dream was set in 2012, and I realized this cheque had been sitting in my eye for like three years.

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