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What unique problem came up in Annika Beck's second round match? Who are her best friends on the tour? All that and more in the German teenager's blog straight from Bad Gastein, Austria.

Published July 18, 2013 12:00

Annika Beck

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hello again everyone :)

The party was really fun last night! Hopefully you saw the pictures (you can see them all here). The sad thing was I gave my '70s clothes back :( It was a great outfit and I think we all looked good for the party last night, but it's really not my style at all, so I gave it back to the tournament, unfortunately.

I had my second round match this morning and it was a tough match. Mandy played pretty well. She played a lot of high balls and I couldn't do anything with them, so I really had to find my rhythm today. I had the same problem as I had in my first match against Shahar, some nosebleeding at 26 34, and I had to take a medical timeout again. But I came back stronger and I'm happy I could finish it off.

After the match I went to the cool pool again - you relax and recover faster with the cool pool than without - then I went to the physio. Now I'm hoping to have a good rest and get ready for tomorrow.

Another thing that helps you relax a little bit is having friends on the tour. I have very good contacts with all of the German players. We practice together sometimes too. We all get along pretty well. When we're in a tournament of course it's a competition and everybody is for themselves, but off the court we're all hanging out and have some pretty good friendships. I really do like them all a lot.

It wasn't all tennis for me today, though. I did an off-court activity earlier, I was one of the judges for a window display contest. It was very nice. We went into the town and looked at all the window displays. It was quite fun. They were all well decorated. It was me and Lisa-Maria Moser, an Austrian wildcard who played a great tournament until now. I hope she can keep going further this week!

I won't do too much the rest of the day. I might take a short nap now, sleep a bit, maybe watch some matches, then Skype with some friends and my parents, maybe see my dog on the camera... :)

Quarterfinals tomorrow... I'll talk to you all afterwards!


I read your blog and looked for your website and couldn't find it - will you have one? Thomas
Yes! Thanks for asking. At the moment we are creating one. I'm hoping to have it before the US Open. It's on the way! For the moment, you can go to my Twitter, @BeckAnnika. But the website is coming.

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