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How did Angelique Kerber do in her first match of the summer hardcourt season? What's the latest movie she saw? And what does she think of her Strong Is Beautiful image? Find out here!

Published July 30, 2013 12:00

Angelique Kerber

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello again everybody :-)

Today's match was difficult. It was actually my first match since Wimbledon, so it was of course not easy because it's much different playing in practice than playing a real match at a tournament.

I was playing a really good player, Irina Falconi, and I managed to win in two sets. But in the beginning of the second set she was playing really well - the first few games of the second set were really close. But then I just tried to hit the ball faster and I was doing a little bit better than she was, and I'm happy the way I won the match in the end. I'm happy I started the US season well. It's never easy!

Afterwards I went with my coach to hit a little bit more, for about 30 minutes, just hitting so I could get my rhythm back. After that I had a press conference and then an autograph session on site, and then we ate there, then I came back to the hotel and had treatment - I have a physio with me for this tour - and then we went to dinner. We had Mexican tonight! It's not my first time eating Mexican, but I don't eat it too often, but I really enjoy it. It's good food. And then I came back here... now the blog!

The picture with the blog today is my Strong Is Beautiful image. The photo shoot for it was at Indian Wells and it was very fun. I really enjoyed it. All the glitter and all the make-up, and then making the shot - it was really fun and really cool. And I really like how the picture turned out!

Well, time for bed... I'll talk to you all again tomorrow :-)


What do you think it will take to crack the Top 4 in the rankings? Donta
I think what I need right now is a little bit more experience. Last year I got a lot of it, but this year is a different year for a lot of reasons. But another thing is I need to be tougher in the important matches and the important moments - they're quick moments, but they make a really big difference...

How do you adapt to all the time zone changes and still play your best? Eric
I need one or two days, and no more. I don't know why. Like here, we came on Friday, and Friday was a little bit tough - it was a long day - but then I stopped feeling the jet lag on Saturday. I was a little bit tired around 8 or 9 o'clock but that's it. One thing that helps is after I arrive somewhere I go running for 20 minutes, just to sweat a little bit, just a little bit of activity right away to get used to the time.

What do you like to do to relax? Jeffrey
I like to watch movies and read books. The latest movie I watched was Hangover 3 - it was really cool, I really liked that movie. Also me and my team play some games when we're together, like some Backgammon or some cards. Just doing something together so we can all relax for a little bit!

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