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Angelique Kerber talks coffee, Polish food, tennis and more in her latest blog from the Citi Open in Washington DC. Check it out - and see if the Top 10 star has answered your question!

Published August 01, 2013 12:00

Angelique Kerber

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It was actually a pretty normal day today! I woke up a little bit later because I went to bed around midnight last night, then I got breakfast, chilled out in the hotel a little bit, then we drove to the site. Then I warmed up for about 30 or 40 minutes, had some lunch and just waited for my match.

I played Melanie Oudin today and the first set was very, very tough. She was playing very well in the beginning. And after all the rain yesterday, it was so humid today. We were sweating after the warm-up! It wasn't easy at all. But after the first set I found my rhythm and it was pretty good. I love playing here in Washington because the people are so nice, and I'm just happy to be in the quarterfinals!

After my match I cooled down a little bit, then dinner on site, then we came back to the hotel. And then we actually went to Starbucks! I just had a small coffee. But I drink decaf, because if I don't, I can't sleep! It was a small decaf latte. Then played some cards, some treatment, and now the blog!

I actually love coffee. But it has to have milk. And latte with milk from Starbucks is actually my favorite. But no flavors or anything - just normal. Or maybe iced latte or frappuccino - I like those too :-)

Tomorrow I'm playing Magdalena Rybarikova. We're the same age but we've never actually played each other! It should be a nice match. She won this tournament last year, so she plays well here, and she's a very talented player. I need to play my best tennis to beat her. I just have to go out and try to do that, and then we'll see. I know she's going to be a very dangerous opponent here...

Goodnight everyone - I'll talk to you all again tomorrow!


What's your favorite thing about Poland? Marcin, Poland
I love Polish food! And my whole family lives there. But my favorite thing (other than them) is the Polish food :-) My favorite is perogies. And also some Polish soups. But everything, really.

What's the biggest difference between playing in the juniors and playing in the pros? Pavel
Very good question. It's hard to describe the specific differences, because there are just so many - overall, everything's just bigger. When you're in the juniors it's just your first steps into the tennis world, and then when you play the pros, everything is just bigger. And also you might not be that good in juniors but amazing in pros, and the other way around is possible too. It's just totally different!

Among all the cities you've played in, what's your favorite restaurant? Perry
This is another tough question! I can't pick one. In every city I go to, there are a few restaurants I go to every year. And I also like trying new ones everywhere. So it's very hard to answer this one!

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