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It wasn't the fairytale ending she had hoped for, but Angelique Kerber had a solid week in DC. Now she's off to Toronto - what's her favorite thing about Canada? Find out right here!

Published August 02, 2013 12:00

Angelique Kerber

Friday, August 2, 2013

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to win today. I played Magdalena Rybarikova and she's not only a tough player normally, but she plays really well here. She was playing well on the important points, and I just couldn't find my rhythm - I was trying to fight, but at the end of the day, she really deserved to win, that's all I can say. And she was coming into the net a lot, and playing very well from there. I knew she would do that because my coach watched her last match and told me, but of course it's different when you're actually playing against it. It was just a tough day for me today, but all the credit to her!

But it's okay. I had three good matches here - it was a very good first week of the US tour for me. And I'm looking forward to playing Toronto and Cincinnati, and of course New York, the most important part of the US tour. I hope I can keep improving over the next few tournaments, starting in Toronto!

After the match I did my normal stuff - cool down, stretching, dinner - now I'm booking my flights for tomorrow. I'll miss Washington though. It's a really nice city and the tournament is great - of course I'm disappointed to lose in the quarterfinals, but this is tennis. It's hard out there sometimes.

And you guys were great too - thank you so much for reading this week and sending in all of your questions. I really liked doing the blog and I hope you enjoyed it! And you can keep following me throughout the rest of the season on my official website, Facebook page and Twitter :-)

Talk to you all soon!


You have somewhat of a trademark low backhand - how did you learn to hit that? Marc
It actually wasn't a special shot I learned as a kid or anything, it just came step by step when I was a little too much on the defensive, I'd go really low and deep on my knees and just hit it - so yeah, I wasn't practicing this or anything. It just came from tough matches, and then it stuck with me!

What is your favorite thing about Canada? James, Canada
I like the people there - they are really friendly. And also I went to see the Niagara Falls three or four years ago and really, really loved it - it was unbelievable. And also I have to say the Rogers Cup! It's such a good tournament and everyone there is so friendly. I'm really excited about it :-)

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